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1928 for sale

Here is a posting on craigslist for a 1928 Model R2.65?? ---http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/3663766601.html ---
The price seems high and looks like a lot of work to get it looking good and running,If anyone is interested.


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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 614 Deluxe sedan

Re: 1928 for sale

You questioning R2 as well ? As a 65 C-1126 it falls in the first batch of 65's C-1001 to C-9500. Aug 1928 is C-9501 to C 15000.

Sure has a lot of dust inside over everything.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan by Dominion Motors

Re: 1928 for sale

Definitely a Model 65 you can tell by the larger radiator, the cooling vents on the hood sides and the wooden steering wheel, just like mine. Interior is not correct as it would have had wool in two tone color but outside paint does look like a 1928 color. Doesn't show the engine in the pictures, should be the Model 15L with the temperature sending unit on top and the round horn mounted on top of the engine too. Looks like a good car or restoration from what I can see, but the price does seem a bit steep for the condition. My car came out of Elizabeth, and the engine casting date is 12/1927 with a build date of 01/1928. Never could figure why Durant was making the M-2,and the Model 55 which was basically the same car during the same time period. I think the designations Model 55, 65 and 75 must have been a marketing ploy for Durant. Although there has been several more show up over the last few years, it is still a fairly rare car.

Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65 4 door sedan

Re: 1928 for sale

Hi Mike .... we've gone after the seller for a copy of the vin plate. For 47721 65's made few exist. We didn't seem to make many, 2721. Same with 55, 2272 here, for total of 28,372. M2 total 135299 for short lived car April to Sept 1928 when M4 took over until the 40 Jan 1929.

There doesn't seem an rhyme or reason to a lot of things Durant did. Tell us about that as we even try to make any sense of post 1930. Hopefully in the future we will be able to correct and add to vin's / production dates etc listings to put them in right time slots. Even the books of the 20 / 30's don't agree to one another US or Can on the same model. Had to chuckle comparing those AEA charts to a 1932 book I just got off ebay. They don't match.

Your 65 have Free Wheeling ? According to this book every model 1928 M2 - 32 618 D and 685 Frontenac, had Free Wheeling. SAE oil above 35 F 110. 35 - 15 F 90, and below 15 F 80. Its Can so doesn't have the 619 but I know from an Aug 1931 Canadian Dominion ad selling 619's here, that was a feature. I have a copy of 70 brochure and it makes no mention of Free Wheeling. Thought that was 1931 and up. And no that's not the tranny as the book has four different oils for those based on temp as well.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan by Dominion Motors


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