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Carburator diagram

Does anyone have an exploded diagram of a stromberg U 2 carb? I sure could use one so I can take this one apart and clean it up. I think it must be plugged with some kind of black dirt. Cant get my car to start . Local car club is having their annual easter parade and I was going to go so my car would be seen for the first time. I need to see a picture so I can maybe fix this thing. Then of course have to drain my tank and start over again. If it aint one thing its six-lol

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Re: Carburator diagram

Ken Things to watch for when disassembling your Stromberg U-2 carb. Be very careful when removing the fuel supply fitting on the float bowl cover(if you are going to remove it), also under the large brass nut on this cover is a brass thimble shaped fuel strainer, The pot metal can be very brittle and may crack or break. Take off the cover, remove the float and assess the condition of the needle and seat. Clean out all the deposits inside the float bowl. On the bottom of the float bowl is the main metering jet that you can unscrew and clean. This is usually a fixed size jet, but I have seen adjustable jets(which can leak when their packing dries up). If you are going to disassemble any further, be aware there is a hidden brass screw that goes thru the upper casting into the body of the main casting and is hidden behind the steel throttle arm. You think these parts should come apart and you break them, then you're in a real pickle. You can also remove the main discharge jet and clean it,(looking down the throat of the carb, you may have to modify a small wrench to fit on the hex portion of the jet). Try to soak everything in your choice of carb cleaner before disassembly. Ross

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Re: Carburator diagram

Ross--they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Its pretty near true. I need to see something to be able properly do the job. I am not too worried about the top of the float chamber since it is a new one made by Harvey? Frid a few years back. I bought it from him because it would not fit his car after he had made it . (He poured a new top) It is good. Needle and seat are good . I will definitely soak it all in Carb cleaner first but I did take the float out and checked that far. looks clean but there is surely something wrong. Not getting enough fuel so it wont start

Re: Carburator diagram

Go to restorecarsclassifieds.com click on information and data
type radco in the site search box
go to page 7 on the horizontal list scroll down to page 203
the Durant section starts here and goes to page 8 on the horizontal list and page 214 on the vertical.
Lots of excellent information on the stromberg u2 including what drill size the jets should be.
Hope this helps


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Re: Carburator diagram

Many thanks Gord--Thats what I needed.
Looks like a good site--Much info here but to find it might be a big job I got what I needed though

Re: Carburator diagram

Interesting Wil .. another way is radco durant and it brings up all the Durant pages. None after 1930.

I see they never heard of Frontenac or DeVaux, in its listings of vehicles. down the left side. Site does bring up 38 pages for DeVaux and 14 for Frontenac. All sorts of cross reference / interchange for our cars, in 1933 United Motors Service Catalog. 126 pages on Durant. Cool site.

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