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correct motor color

Alright Star people....
I'm worhing on a 1927 Star M2 which is a 4 cyl.

Can anyone tell my the correct motor color or were they're several?
Thanks in advance, Jim G.

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Re: correct motor color

If you search the forum for “paint” you will find several posts and opinions on the correct color. But it seems that the consensus is a gray-green. There is a chip in the technical section. Not sure of its value as the colors do not vary by computer and printer. I have not painted my engine yet but did find a small area on my engine where I found what I assume is some of the original paint. I compared this with some old color chips I have. The family and I voted and decided that Oasis Green used on Studebaker 1960 Paint Code P-6053 is very close. The paint code is the number the manufacture used for a paint color and then each paint company would have their own number for that color. In my case it is a Ditzler number 42731. My paint supplier should have a formula for this color though I have not bought it yet. The paint on cars is not necessarily a very good match. In many cases one batch of paint is not a good match to a previous batch. I would think that Durant or other car manufacture would not have been too concerned about an exact color match so even new the color on our engines would vary.
Just get as close as practical and enjoy. In a previous post Mike Linthicum said “I also found a paint chip on there called Gray Green which has Ditzler number IM827 which appears to be the correct and matching color for our engines” That may be a good color choice.

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Re: correct motor color

Hi Jim. On my 27 model R some of the many coats of cray paint has started to peal off, under the gray I find a drab green also when we rebilt the 22 Star we found the same color in various joints where paint would seep. Is this the color that was used, I dont know. This is just what I found . Hope this helps. Bert

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Re: correct motor color

Eliot and Bert... Thanks for your replies.

I went back through the forum and read the previous discussions about the engine colors and have come to the conclusion that gray-green appears to be the general opinion. As for what shade of green... guess it's hard to say?

I've always had the theory that cars that where built during this era were supplied with parts and material from local venders. There were very few interstate deliveries and limited shipping available at that time for the smaller items such as handles, cowl lamps, ect... which would help explain why different durant plants used similar and not exact items on their production lines.

I'm sure that the paint was also mixed locally (maybe with the same formulas) which could explain the differences in the shading or amount of green. Reguardless, Gray-Green it will be.
Thanks for your input. Jim G.

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