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Athena the Nor'easter

At 2200 EST on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, we have about 5" of snow on the ground already, and winds in the 25-30 knot range. In addition to the damage from Sandy, we now have six more large oak trees that have broken limbs that are hanging close to the house and the back porch. Because their are still leaves on the trees and the snow is very very wet and heavy it is bringing down the limbs. Hearing the cracking of those trees is not a good feeling, and we have been sitting here for the last few hours listening to the twisting and breaking of oak.

Sandy was devastating, add Athena to the mix, and this has been a very challenging ten days, with more to come I am sure.

And we have not even reached winter yet!

Where Are You From? NJ CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes three of them

Re: Athena the Nor'easter

My sympathies to you on the recent bad weather that you have been having up there in the Northeast. I grew up in the Northeast in the late 1940's and 1950's and remember many Hurricanes, and record snowfalls. Also I remember the Cold, shoveling the driveway out many nights multiple times with my little brother so my Dad could get the car off the road for the plows. I also remember feeding and watering thousands of chickens on the farm through the snow and cold in the winter, and just hunkering down riding it out.

My family talked also about the very bad (Long Island, New England) Hurricane of Sept. 20 1938 when 600 died and most Coast and Cities flooded or were badly wrecked. That's all probably why I now live here in Florida!

And also after almost 30 years in the military spending almost 9 years in SE Asia I found that the heat, humidity and bugs here really wern't too bad either!

But we do have Hurricane's too someimes back to back and usually at least one a year! The only good thing is afterwards it's Sunny and warm (Hot actually!) of course that makes the food spoil quicker, snakes & Bugs come out and people really, really complain then about No power too, and NO Air Conditioning! However we still have to pickup and rebuild ourselves, usually neighbor helping neighbor.

The big difference up there with your weather is the "Bad"; so much, so early, and your Population density. If this is climate change or something cyclical we all will have to prepare for it, and be ready for the next storm or Hurricane up there.

A side note, everyone complained earlier about too much big government and FEMA spending, now they complain about Not enought goverment and where is FEMA! The public is never happy. We (you, I, and others) knew that to rebuild the infrastructure up there would not take a just few days; but much, much longer. Now that the election is over we can settle down, all Work Together, and get the country (Congress?) back on track to rebuild the economy and your area.

Take care and stay safe,
Lance C.

Where Are You From? Niceville, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 and 26 Locomobile JR-8's, 1928 Loco 8-70, 30 Durant 610


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