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Fan Hub Rebuild

Just rebuilding the fan assembly as part of my restoration, and note that Franz in Vancouver has managed to rebuild some with modern bearings, and do away with the felt seals etc and the associated leaks.

It's a bit problematic to send my bits to Vancouver and back to be done. Does anyone know exactly what Franz does? Looks like a new shaft made to suit some modern bearings. What gets machined in the hub to fit the bearings, what size bearings was used, etc. I was hoping to get the machine work done locally.


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Re: Fan Hub Rebuild

Don't know exactly what Franz does, but I don't think he is doing any work right now on Durant parts. I do believe that the original fan shaft rotates on a thin layer of grease and that Franz replaces the shaft with a lubricated bronze bushing and bearings to keep it from seizing up. Someone else might know more, or maybe email Franz and he'll tell you if he's still doing it or not, and if not, then maybe he will provide you the information on what he did to them.

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Re: Fan Hub Rebuild

The original fan used 600W oil and threw a lot of it out. Like other parts of the car, Durant just expected you to pour oil in it like you did gasoline. Some people switched to grease but the centrifugal force held it away from the shaft and things burned up.

Franz rebuilt one for me and he did put bearings in and not just a bronze bushing. It's been several years with no problems. I imagine we could convince Franz to put the specs up so someone could have a local machinist do it.

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Re: Fan Hub Rebuild

Thanks Mike and Vince. I'll email Franz and see what information I can get.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 29 D40 Rugby


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