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Lance is recovering!

The following is the content of an email that Lance sent earlier this evening.....

Hello everyone.
Well l survived a heart attack this last Thursday and the great fast acting San Diego fire dept with a ambulance got here with in about 3 to 4 minutes and speed me out to Scripps Memorial hospital and they got me stabilized and then transferred me over to my hospital Scripps Green Friday afternoon and fast tracked me Friday night with a angiogram and implanted a large stint in one of my arteries up close to my heart.

Was a real whirlwind but very very thankful to be alive and home and course lots of new drugs to take . l am still pretty tired and a
little weak but improving. I had just signed up with the LifeLine
button around my neck Tuesday and boy real thankful for that just pushed the button and fast action everywhere. Course on a blood thinner l really don't want but doctors orders and must take it everyday and carry nitroglycerine with me at all times now.

Well all this sure beats the alternative.
Hope everyone is well.

Lance: Get better. If you see this later tonight or tomorrow morning, I will call you from the airport.


Where Are You From? NJ CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes three of them

Re: Lance is recovering!

Best wishes Lance, We hope for a speedy recovery. Remember you have to be in tip top shape by next year, since Charlie and Peg are hosting the DMAC National in your town and you'll have to attend.

Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65 4 door

Re: Lance is recovering!

Lance, I hope you'll be feeling better soon.


Where Are You From? Fremont, CA

Re: Lance is recovering!

Hang in there Lance, you've been thru some hard times but you have shown yourself to be a survivor and made of the right stuff.
We're all pulling for you also.


Do You own a car built by Durant? And Now, A 1929 Durant D60

Re: Lance is recovering!

Hi Lance.....

You have a lot of friends in the Durantonian World!

We'll all looking out for you.

Looking forward to San Diego in 2013!

You are in our thoughts & prayers.......

Frank & Cathy ---

Where Are You From? Hookstown Pennsylvania

Do You own a car built by Durant? a few

Re: Lance is recovering!

Hi Gang
Thanks for all your concerns and prayers. Nothing to it this time. In & out kinda like a tune up.
They called it a stent but Kenyon Machine and i call them a sleeve, anyway got one on my engine and now back firing all cylinders. ha.
Home recuperating and be back on the race track soon.
Charlie Spitz called me today, good friend of course and l assured him l was driving the our gracious founding president Yates and president Frank and past president Rick Botti and l in my 29 model 6-66. We could call it the presidents club of our great DMAC.
Looking forward to 2013 for sure.
Thanks again.
Looking forward
Lance Haynes

Where Are You From? San Diego, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes

Re: Lance is recovering!

to add to Lance's comments

I did talk to Lance while I was waiting to depart San Diego for NJ, while he sounded upbeat, he also sounded tired. He is very grateful to the SD EMT's and Fire Dept, and the staff at Scripts. In typical Lance fashion, he thought he was well enough to go home and wanted to leave the hospital. Fortunately, he listened to the DR's and hopefully now he will slow down and rest.

Where Are You From? NJ CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes three of them

Re: Lance is recovering!

All of us here in Ontario wish you all the very best. You are made of stern stuff, and have weathered these things before.
Keep on truckin!

Gord & Mary Carolyne and all the gang in Ontario.

Where Are You From? Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac

Re: Lance is recovering!

Lance- Here's to a speedy recovery. I know you're strong because you come from that good Oregon stock! Ross

Where Are You From? Orygun

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 6-14

Re: Lance is recovering!

Hi Lance,
Wishing you a speedy recovery. Know you will be back to full strength and ready to roll very soon.
Our prayers are with you old friend.

Yates, Mike and Doris

Where Are You From? Four Oaks ,NC

Do You own a car built by Durant? 23Durant A22 Touring

Re: Lance is recovering!

Hi Lance,
I am sorry to hear that you have had some major health issues. It's the pits getting old. But considering the alternative, the pain is worth the gain.
Keeping you in my thoughts.
My best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Best wishes,

Where Are You From? Bakersfield,Ca.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 25 Star Runabout

Re: Lance is recovering!

Lance-- keep on trucking man. Not much I can add to the forgoing messages but I know what the attack can do to you --Sure makes you tire easily. Been there -done that- Dont want anymore - take care and we will be seeing you in 2013 .

Where Are You From? Kamloops B C Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes


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