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1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

Hi All........

Cathy's roadster is getting ready for the final paint.

She likes the following two toned color. Any ideas on the actual paint colors and where they might be available, or modern equivalents?

Thanks.....Frank ---


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Re: 1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

That don't look like a Buick to me,,,,,,,,,
Alright, I'll get serious, that scheme and colors are a killer combo. That's also what Butch and I had in mind for our coupe projects. The blues also look outstanding. I don't know if these were actual colors or just an artist rendition but I think they would look terrific in any parade.

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Re: 1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

Don, I told Cathy that you can't go wrong If you paint everything black because very simply.... Black is Black (no variations)!
Cathy said she prefered the green as it will help accent her "Hazel eyes"! What next, a makeup mirror?
Jim G.

Seriously, anybody have any of the 2 tone paint combination in a chip book ?

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Re: 1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

Beautiful color combo Frank. Will look great with natural finish spoke wheels. Look up an MGB color of Mallard green, and a Morris Minor color of sage green, both nice solid colors. I think the darker color on top was meant to make the car appear lower and longer. Ross

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Re: 1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

Hey Frank I have to agree I really like that color combination. Jim just wants to suggest black because it's easier to paint than a multi-color paint scheme, ha ha. I have not seen a paint color chip set for our cars prior to 1928 and have never seen a list of colors for them either. I did find a color chart for 1928 and found my Ambatta Green which is the color for sedans for 1928 on the www.autocolorlibary.com web site. Under Vintage Vehicle Colors and First Auto Color Codes site on the middle of the page. When you find the colors you want, you can call them and they will mix it up for you and send it to you. I think they have their own brand but also deal in PPG paint. I know I'll have them mix mine up so it is correct. If you take the time to browse their site they should have the color combination you want. By the way the top green color looks very close to the Ambatta Green, maybe a little lighter.

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Re: 1926 Star Roadster Colors ?

Hello Frank,
This multiple Green color comb was used by Locomobile on the 1925 and 1926 Junior 8's as well as other multiple combos of Blues and Browns too. Later these same color combs were used for Chevys in 1929 and 1930 (probably within other GM cars also).

Recently I got a call from a restorer in Cinci Oh. that is doing the circa 1930 Locomobile powered Indy racer about correct colors.

I had him Google; "1929/1930 Chevy Colors" to get the correct combos of Green used by Chevy then. You will receive several listings showing exact color charts, and color combos with names and current (PPG, etc.) paint equivalents.

These sites have other years and car brands available also that you can search, but the 1929/30 Chevy or Pontiac colors were the most correct and closest. There are modern pictures using these colors (on the left side tabs by search engine used i.e. Google = "G") for a reference.

Hope this helps you and others.
Lance C.

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