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Charging question

I went through a new coil in less than a thousand miles and I'm trying to figure out why. It seems like the generator is charging the battery anytime I'm above idle. At its peak, the generator is putting out 9.25 volts which seems high for a 6 volt system. When the engine is off, the battery is at 6.5 volts. I went looking for a voltage regulator to adjust and only found something the manual refers to as a circuit breaker attached to the generator. This is a single coil relay so I'm at a loss as to how it functions. Can anyone help me with the following questions:

Is 9.25 volts too high?

Could this be burning out the coil?

What does the circuit breaker do?

Is there a way to adjust the charging voltage?


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Re: Charging question

Hi Vince.....

Click on the technical page tab, go to the AEA tune up information for 1929.

There is a diagram of the charging system with adjustment instructions for the third brush. This is what sets the rate of charge. It will be very similar for your Star.

There is no voltage regulator, just the cut out. Its only function is as a switch to turn the circuit on or off (generator in or out of the charging circuit).

New cut outs are still available from tractor supply companies. They where still used into the 1950's. Just look for one for an Allis-Chalmers "C".

I think the voltage to your coil is too high.

Hope this helps......

Frank ---

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Re: Charging question

Thanks Frank

Where Are You From? North of the Golden Gate Bridge

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star


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