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The elusive 1931 DeVaux Phaeton

Since I have been following the DeVaux, I had seen one reference to a DeVaux Phaeton. Beverly Rae Kimes in the Standard Catalog of American Cars does list the Phaeton for 1931. A little while back when Howard and talked on the phone he indicated he had a sales article showing crated DeVaux's loaded to be shipped to the "Far East". The one thing that bothered him was that the crates seemed to be smaller than they should be.
In recient posts in the AACA forum, I came upon a link to a newspaper in Austrailia. I was able to find a article written in 1930 that talkes about a new car coming from the US that is being built by Norman DeVaux and Co. Elbert Hall.
Now, it makes sence in that all cars shipped to Austrailia and NZ were without bodies.
In looking at the pictures of Sid Semple's cars I see "Holden" and "Ruskin". I think that Continental in 1933 might have used "J.A. Richards".
Now that I have posted this, I am hopping that any club member in these areas might have some tips on their existance.
Thanks for any help. Gary

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Re: The elusive 1931 DeVaux Phaeton

hello gary
hope something turns up,if theres 2 please send 1 my way,please sshare any info that you find,talk to you soon, dave

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