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Brake linings specs plus Vancouver.

Good day gentlemen/gentlewomen.

I need to reline my brakes. Seems to be a every 2500 miles affair (mind you I drive in hilly country).

Brake shop in Edmonton has charged me $500 twice for relining my brakes. Too much money.
I have bought a hole counter sinker $75.
I have bought a riveter machine $50.
I have found a source for lining but I need to know :
What is the required thickness of lining that I need :
the brake shop asked 3/16 (187mm) or 5/32 (156mm) and I may have inadvertently put wrong size on in past, so cannot use my old linings as the absolute truth.
And what is the hole size and head size for rivet that I need.

Note : Thanks to Rick Botti for putting my car (with canoe)as picture on forum. We are both (car and I) proud.
Vancouver meeting was great (except for traffic, stop lights, stop signs, hills, pedestrians and more traffic) but my old bazoo (french canadian for jalopy) kind of likes ole bush trails with 2-5 year old aspen saplings cleaning its underbelly as I putt putt my way to a fishing hole...

Where Are You From? Peace River AB

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Touring M

Re: Brake linings specs plus Vancouver.

Howdy Guy!
I sure wish I was up in your neck of the woods to catch me some of those mountain trouts. I wonder what UPS would charge to ship me a couple of them bad boys? Might have to use Next Day Air otherwise they might start to get gamey by the time they hit Arkansas,,,,,,,,,

OK, OK, my take on the brake linings is use 3/16 " material. The rivet should be 1/8" and a snug fit in the lining. The hole size for the rivet head should be determined by the rivet head size. Also, the depth of the rivet head hole should be such as to provide the lining to wear half thru before the rivet touches the brake drum.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Star C touring, 1927 Star M coupe, 1929 Durant D60 Express Wagon

Re: Brake linings specs plus Vancouver.

We have a 1930 Johns-Manville Automotive Data Book with brake lining listing.

For the 1926 Star 4 and 6 cyl, the listing quotes 5/32 inch thickness for the lining.
There should be 1 piece 31 inches long on the internal, there should be 2 pieces 14 1/2 inches long on the external (Internal expanding, External contracting.)

This is what the book is telling us. I can't see much difference between 5/32 and 3/16. Once the drums are worn, there would be lots of room for 3/16.

Don't know why you are burning through brakes in 2500 miles.

Gord & Will

Where Are You From? Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac

Re: Brake linings specs plus Vancouver.

Came up with another reference book:
1934 Data Book,
Published by; Asbestos Brake Lining Assoc. of Canada

This one reads: 5/32 inch thickness
1 piece 12 inches long
2 pieces 9 1/4 inches long

Everything is per side.

These we assume are for the locomotive style brakes. If this is what you have, you have less material which would mean you would wear out quicker.

Gord & Will

Where Are You From? Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac


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