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Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World

Billed as the oldest Running Chevrolet in the world.
While I don't know if that is true or not, this car certainly is from Chevrolet's Billy Durant era.


Re: Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World

You are right Billy Durant started Chevrolet, with another company "Republic" and a third company "Little" in 1911, originally billed as a subsidiary of Republic, the "Chevrolet" car company was incorporated on Nov 3,1911. The Chevrolet car probably incorporated features from the other two of Billy's car companies.

This car was and is listed as the oldest known Classic Six Chevrolet (formally located in the Alferd P. Sloan Panorama of Transportation, Flint Mich.). It is a late 1912 production model with 1913-type windshield cowl.

This feature is listed as not unusual as the cowl design was changed long before the 3000th car left the shop at the end of 1912. Source: Sixty Years of Chevrolet, George H. Dammann, Pgs. 8 to 10, Crestline Publishing,1972,Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 79-186267 ISBN: Number0-912612-03-7.

Lance C.

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Re: Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World


Thanks for the information. While I knew a little about the Little, I wasn't aware of "Republic" nor it's role in the Chevrolet auto. It's always interesting to learn about the companies Billy created and how he did it.

Learned something new.

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Re: Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World

This appears to be the Sloan Museum 1913 Chevrolet Classic Six, s/n 323, which is consider to be the oldest "most complete" and running Chevrolet. However, the oldest serial number Chevrolet is in fact a 1913 Classic Six, s/n 93. The car is located in the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. The car is not complete, but the engine could possibly be made to run quite easily.

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Re: Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World

The Sloan's Classic Six #323 is in fact a 1914 model built a few months before production was stopped in about May of 1914. Chevrolet's production records list the 1913-14 Type C Six to be 402 units total. The 2999 vehicles built that are mistakenly credit as Type C Classic are Little Four models that were built under Chevrolet licenses in Flint Mich. The first Little Four #1 was built in the Chevrolet plant in Detroit and shipped up to Flint on November 9, 1911 to serve as a sample. The Republic Motors Co. was Durant's Sales company for both the Littles and the Chevrolet products from April 1912 to July 31, 1913.
Durant merged his two manufacturing companies together in June 1913 and then Chevrolet took over the Sales function from Republic on August 1, 1913. The oldest Chevrolet nameplated car is a 1914 Royal Mail roadster #64 that belongs to the Chevrolet dealer in Milwakee that was built in Aug-Sep 1913.
How ever the oldest Little Four is #66 built in the first week of May 1912.

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Re: Oldest Running Chevrolet in the World

Serial Numbers tell the story sometimes at least. have you heard of the Albaugh collection here in Ankeny Iowa. It is a private collection and feel fortunate if you've seen it (147 Chevys). I have not all at once but was in a show with his Durant era cars a couple years ago. He had a 1913 Chevrolet Royal Mail there; also a Chev for each year 1913-1920, most in show-room condition. Have no idea of their SN's. Also has a 1912 Little. Google Dennis Albaugh if you want to turn green with envy.

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