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antifreeze leaking from head

I have a new rebuilt 14L engine done by a machine shop with new head gasket,I am leaking antifreeze from the head bolts and between the head and block.I retorqued to 70#,It is better but its still leaking,we pulled the head and checked for warping,it looks ok,It almost looks like its coming throught the asbestos between the steel gasket,is their a good sealant we should be using as well to stop the leaks.It seems the machine shop used a coppercote sealant,Does anyone have any suggestions other than what is posted,any help will be greatly appr.



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Re: antifreeze leaking from head

Hi Obie,

Sounds like you are doing things right...Coppercoat is what I use for a sealant with good results..You mentioned a steal clad headgasket, I am wondering if a copper clad gasket may be more forgiving and allow for a better seal? Did you happen to check the block deck with a streight edge for warping or a low spot? I seam to recall years ago that my dad would occasionaly throw an old stock or possably used headgasket in a tub of water for several hours before installing?...One other thing that comes to mind is occasionally you may have to run the engine for a while, there is the chance it may dry up on it's own...Just a couple thoughts, Good luck.

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Re: antifreeze leaking from head

The same thing happened to my 14L, water will work its way up the head studs very easy. I Had the head magna fluxed for cracks and decked straight. I used a NOS copper head gasket and the spray copper coat gasket sealer and slowly worked the torque to 70lbs. Short of pulling the head, I used bars leak in powder in form to stop the leaks. Then I ran the engine for about 200 miles and the leak stopped. In September I stored the car for Winter and last month pulled the car out of storage for the Gold Rush tour. As part of standard maintenance I drained the water from the radiator and it came out clean.

Re: antifreeze leaking from head


Same problem. In my case has been told that nowadays gaskets are not made any more with asbestos, but a replacement material that is not as efficient as asbestos to seal, as it is harder. The new gaskets with this new material requires higher torque.The problem is that our blocks have not been designed for much higher torques, so there is a risk when overtorquing.
Good luck

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