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Steering gear box

Dear Durantonians:

Now, again on the road with my 1928 M2 Touring, I am trying to solve some driving issues.
My steering wheel can be rotated up to 3 inches at the rim level, without moving the wheels, nor the pitman arm. The steering box I have, correspond to what in manuals is called “Fore and Aft. Type”
Checked that the Pitman arm is tight, so there are two possible adjustments according the manual copied below, but not understanding very well the mechanism and being the steering mechanism a safety issue, would like to be sure of what I do before putting hands on.
The manual says for the “Fore and Aft. Type”:
• Adjustment for end play in thrust bearing, done by means of adjusting a large nut in the steering column in the upper part of the steering box.
• Adjustment for wear or looseness between worm and worm wheel. This is controlled by the steering gear worm wheel adjusting screw, located in the lower portion of the housing. A hole is cut in the engine underpan and the adjustment can be done from underneath the car. The screw fits into a shoulder on the inner portion of the housing around the worm, and tightening the screw presses the housing upwards, this brings the worm into closer mesh with the worm wheel. Before making this adjustsment, is necessary to slacken off the four nuts on the cap screws holding the cover to the housing.

There is no comment about tightening the mentioned four nuts or any otrhere indication.

Thank you very much for any piece of advise you can give me about the way to proceede.



Where Are You From? Argentina

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 M2 Touring Rugby

Re: Steering gear box

Well sir I could only wish to have ONLY 3 inches of play.
I have replaced my steering column bearings in steering box, my worm gear (even reversing it so that a different side (less worn) of worm gear got used at the "straight ahead" position).

To Tighten things up (apart from top of steering box adjusting screw) I have:
1. put 1/2 grease and 1/2 600 weight oil in gear box.
2. I assure new grease on nimple of casing for lubricating of pitman arm (heavy fiber grease).
3.... and I have added a steering stabilizer from a '32 ford to eliminate wobble and "quick flip" sideways by car due to wind change and thus stress on worm gears which causes a "hay rack" type jump by the car.

regards guy

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 touring M

Re: Steering gear box

Dear Guy:

Thank you very much for your response, it has been very useful.
Also Y have to thank Dave Schulte that answered by private mail.

Best regards


Where Are You From? Argentina

Do You own a car built by Durant? M" 1928 Rugby Touring


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