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Upholstry Material and methods

Going to try again and see if there is any info out there to help me. I am trying to get the material and fasteners for my upholstry. What kind of stuff is used as stiffener behind the material on the door panels and the other interior walls. I have found a source for the snaps to pop the panels onto the doors so am okay there but the rest is still a problem .Where can I get the webbing that goes around the doors?
Any help or advice is sure welcome.

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

Hi Ken......

Check with an upholstery supply wholesaler in your area. They should have the panel board that goes on the doors and kick panels.

Also probably have the windlace that goes around the doors.

Lebaron Bonney is also a source for this stuff.

If you can't find this in your area. Just stop in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on your way to Lancaster!

Frank ---

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

Hi Ken,

Glad to see you trying your hand at upholstering your car...An upholstery shop friend of mine put me on to using venier door skins in place of panel board, (as an additional option)you can get them at Lowes or Home Depot and usually they are very reasonable...Regular panel board comes in a couple of different thicknesses and some more moisture resiliant, what might work nicely for your doors and kicks may not want to bend in your rear quarters...I have found that some of your larger upholstery product suppliers like Auveco won't sell retail...There are two types of windlace one is called "hose core" the other a "foam core" the hose core has a smaller diam. and is more ridged than the foamcore....I usually buy my trim and upholstery supplys from Lebaron Bonney or an account I have in Tucson...In regard to your headliner, you can use a wool solid color broadcloth there is a much better assortment of colors and tones than is offered in the headliner fabrics, Also, If your headliner did not have hard seams at the hanger flaps there is a way that you can "blind hem" your flaps on...Anyway, you can brouse around Lebaronbonney.com and check out what they have...Lots of luck, Bill

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

after complete rebuilds on a '28 M2 and '29 M4 I found a company that carryed all my wants from hardboard for doors and roof to materal for upholstry at www.perfectfit.com

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

I'm glad Ken asked this question.
Mary & I will be passing thru Pittsburg on our return from the National Meet. Mary likes to shop--especially for fabric--even auto upholstery : and just by chance my 32 Durant is ready for a start on this part of the project. HOW FORTUITOUS

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

Hey Jack you might have a problem after the gals get through with Lancaster, maybe you won't have enough room to pick up any upholstery material for your car. You might have to rent a U-Haul to get stuff back from the outlet mall. I hear Frank is planning on bringing his large trailer.

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Re: Upholstry Material and methods

BUT MIKE !!! It's my turn to shop on every 10th year of the calender. Besides she'll be back for more shopping in Oct.
See you in Lancaster.

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