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So last trip went fishing...

So I have been having a good summer with the Star.
Been doing trips of 50 to 100 miles a weekend. Mostly hiway, but 1/3 gravel and some "gumbo".

Last trip July 01 went fishing. Came home with our limit of 2 lbs rainbows, it semi drizzled all day, but we are experienced.

This last trip was to Stoney Lake... 30 miles up a logging road. Its gumbo when wet and it was wet. Told my partner that with our narrow tires, we are the best car on the road. Had to keep up speed to make it up hills and only lost it once in a skid. But did quite a bit of spinning. Logging trucks were very kind and I think the boys enjoyed meeting what they met... the CB's must have rattled...

But on getting home found the brakes failing...
Took off drums and everything was packed with hard dry hard clay... The trip was a lot of fun.. but I will think twice about doing this to the old Star again. Dry dust.. ok... wet gumbo NO...

Mile 0 of Mackenzie Hiway

Halfway to lake. Mile Zero of the Mackenzie Hiway. For you americams, to let you know... during the war, we were convering your backs. While you built the Alaska Hiway, we secretly built the Mackenzie Hiway (effectively a "cat" trail) to Norman Wells NWT. From there we built a 4 inch pipeline (the Canol Pipeline) over the mountains in order to supply your forces in Alaska with requred fuels. In my 20's, working n the arctic I have been to parts of that abandoned line, and seen sections of the line by the Peel River.

After catching the fish

Here at lake after catching and now cooking some of the fish...


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