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Help required Coil - W5 with Autolite electronics


Went for a 60 mile test run yesterday and had to be trailered home..... But good day anyway.

My summation and farmer stopper byers's summation is that the coil has quit or intermittently very weak.

I ordered a6 volt (no external resistor) coil from Napa...
But a net search seems to show 6 volt coil with differnet specs, they seem to have different OHMS test readings.
I.E. - post to + post .3 to 1.0 ohms
- any post to distributor connection
8,000 to 11,500 OHMS.
My current old style coil is showing 1.0 ohms and 5000 ohms respectively.

Question : Will any 6 volt coil do ? Or are there important specs that I should be watching for ? Is the output of my old coil correct for the car it was on?

Thanks ahead of time

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Re: Help required Coil - W5 with Autolite electronics

I replaced the coil on my W5 twice because the engine was randomly quiting. Turned out that it wasn't the coil but a clogged vent on my gas cap. A vacuum would be created in the tank as I drove. If I drove long enough, the vacuum would get strong enough to shut off the fuel. As I checked out the engine or waited for help, the cap would leak enough air into the tank to release the vacumm. Then it would start again and off I'd go.

I'm currently using a Napa coil with no problems. Why do you think it's a coil problem?

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Re: Help required Coil - W5 with Autolite electronics Probl;em Changed

Hi Vince and others

Experimenting with other coils (one showing 9,500 OHS on spark) have proved me and my farmer friends wrong.

I think we are too used to looking at a spark expensed by a 12 volt system.

The problem as DISCERNED NOW.

It seems to be a gas problem....
My car has a Zenith Model B carburator.
Seems like car will start (after sitting 3 hours or after a carburator tear down) and idle (quite roughly) as long as I want..
I have put a vacuum gauge on the engine ...at previous good idle I was getting 20lbs of vacuum. Idling rough shows about 10lbs vacuum.
Pressing on gas for more revs invariably results in a ?? gasping ?? engine... it does not rev up but will die...
I have float indicator hooked up and my float top is the appropriate 9/16" below casing top.

Gas float indicates same height before start and after stall.
I have taken apart carburator and blew air in all orifices, etc and this has not helped matters.

Double HELP required here.


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