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Frame preparation

I am making progress on the Durant restoration and am at the point of preparing the frame for paint. The frame is straight and in relatively great shape with just minor surface rust in some areas. I am curious as to what most people typically do...the steps you take for this process to include the painting and type.

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Re: Frame preparation

Check out the great frame work Dennis did on his DeVaux here on the forum. He had powder coated. Everyone has an opinion on how to get the frame done. For me I'm going to have it blasted, then I'll put a thin coat of filler on any bad pits and then use Eastwood Company Ceramic Chassis Black in Gloss black. Some also use Por 15 products and some just use a plain black paint. Also what you do depends if your going to ever show it or not and what areas are exposed. A fellow restorer told me to paint the top first then turn it over and paint the bottom of the frame. That way if there are any runs in the paint you probably will not see them because the body will cover them up.

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Re: Frame preparation

I have powdercoated many chassis items and the results have been great. You do have to watch for fit issues with some parts, as the powdercoating will be thicker. Either tell your powdercoater where you would be concerned or do it yourself (Eastwood sells silicone tapes and plugs that are high-temp) I'll say that most large cities would have a powdercoater that could handle something as large as a frame. I do most of these chassis items in a 60% black (kind of a semigloss), although shiny is nice too. I have also used the POR 15 products and Eastwood'd extreme chassis black, both excellent. My main focus on doing frame/chassis is I only want to do it ONCE. Ross

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Re: Frame preparation

I was just going to make a driver so I didn't unbolt all of the chasis pieces. I just cleaned and painted the rolling chasis. This was a big mistake. It didn't take long after the car was reassembled for the rust between the pieces to start working its way out. I ended up removing many pieces and hand painting the spots underneath.

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