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The Latest Partner

I'm cleaning my desk top, paying bills, and catching up on my filing, (mostly round files), and now I find a Durant Partner under this pile of papers that I haven't read. It's unsealed which means my wife has already read it and placed it where I could find it easily. I think that was a couple of weeks ago!
Anyways, an excellent compilation of Flint articles. I am really surprised that Carol was able to stir up so many owners to submit articles for this issue. Very well done!! I'm always eager to receive the next issue and check the For Sales to see if there is a roadtrip hiding in there somewhere.
I know it's hard work, Carol, but you're doing a wonderful job!!!!

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

Re: The Latest Partner

Your absolutely right Don, Carol has done another outstanding job. I know because I sent her an unorganized "pile of stuff" and out came a magazine. Everybody should be very thankful for her wonderful efforts!!

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would take charge and organize the same type of special issue for the Star, Durant, Devaux, ect...?

Where Are You From? Ohio

Do You own a car built by Durant? Flint 80


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