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landau bars

Don , in your project Star coupe 1927 will you install the landau bars?

I am looking for a set. if someone got informations about that i will appreciate pics.

Where Are You From? Montreal Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? Durant Star 1926 coupe

Re: landau bars

Yes we will, we started the Two-Coupe project with 1 1/2 pairs of Landau Irons. It took about another 4 years but I finally came across another complete pair on Ebay.
Keep in mind, the Star Coach also uses Landau Irons but they are a bit longer than the coupe versions.


Re: landau bars

Henry and Don,

I have also been looking for a set of Landau Irons and haven't came across any as of yet...I am going to look into getting a couple of sets cast when I get back to WA., I am thinking of having them cast in aluminum then polishing the raised center section and painting the scrole or S part gloss black...There are pictures of this configuration in the photo page under Larry Rockneys D-60 Coupe (now owned by Gary Yelle)... A couple of questions: Is their a right and left hand Landau Iron or does the center dector knob reverse to the other side, also are the end dector knobs the same as the top prop nuts?
Thanks, Bill

Where Are You From? Yuma, AZ / Leavenworth, WA

Do You own a car built by Durant? '23 A-22 Touring / '29 Model 40 coupe

Re: landau bars

Henri, Yes, Butch and I both have landau irons going on our '27 Coupes.

Bill, It took a couple of years but I finally found a correct pair of landau irons with all the hardware on Ebay.
Keep in mind, the Star Coach also used landau irons but were a bit longer overall.
Some landau irons are solid and symmetrical whereas others are scalloped out on the back of the center bump and result in a right/left orentation.

I have one correct dimension iron with the scalloped back if you need a pattern. Also some spare hardware.
Another source of irons is on late '20's Chevrolets. They look to be the same design but I'm not sure of the dimensions.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

Re: landau bars


There are two landau bars listed currently on Ebay. They are different sizes.


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