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GM Great Lakes Tech Center & Billy Durant office in Flint has been sold at auction

FLINT (WJRT) -- (12/15/09) -- The Great Lakes Tech Center & Billy Durant office in Flint has been sold at auction.

The industrial complex was divided into four sections, and each of those parcels has a new owner.

The chant of the auctioneer filled the atrium as the property was sold off. About 14 bidders sat in the chairs, but six others followed along on the Internet.

The east parcel was the first to be sold, going to a long-distance bidder for $885,000.

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Story: Auction will include Billy Durant's office
"The people in the room were not nearly as enthusiastic as you would have liked for them to have been. The people on the Internet were what made it work," said Tommy Williams of Williams and Williams Auctions.

The second parcel on west side sold for $525,000 to an Internet bidder. Then a neurosurgeon bid $230,000 for the south portion, which has ties to much of Flint's automotive history, including the Billy Durant office and the Sitdown Strike.

"We're not sure what we want to do with it, but definitely want to preserve its history," Dr. Jawad Shah said.

Dr. Shah already heads a clinic called the Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience, just a short distance from the property he bought today. "I think this is a steal for me. To make the acquisition is absolutely astonishing."

The north parcel was the last to be sold. It went a General Jasper Tyler Jr. , who wants to set up a youth ministry. "Reaching the inner city kids, disadvantaged, at risk youths. That's my main focus."

The total value of the auction is just under $2 million.
The best news here is the buyer of the building with Billy Durant's office wants to reserve it.
Now if we just had a picture of that nice wood paneled original office. Bob Smith did you ever get in there while living out there?

Lance Haynes
San Diego, CA

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