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Leaded Fuel

I understand that leaded fuel was introduced later than 1920. Anybody know the year? I was talking to a fellow who said that most vintage cars don't need lead added to the unleaded fuel of today as most ran on unleaded when they were produced.
The conversation i had was quite confusing any input would be appreciated.

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Re: Leaded Fuel

In America Lead was officially introduced in 1923 with a brief interruption in 1925. It was intended as a fuel additive that would improve engine performance and reduce engine knock in higher compression engines.

Having said that most antique engines I've come across have low compression and will run fine on unleaded fuels. Some engine builders will add hardened valve seats if using NOS valves.

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Re: Leaded Fuel

Thanks Rick
That question has been on my mind for sometime.

Where Are You From? Sherwood Park Alberta canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 D65

Re: Leaded Fuel

I realize that it is not necessary, but since owning my car from 1986 to the present, I have always managed to find some lead additive to add to my gas tank when filling up the tank. This is lead additive and not lead substitute. I used to order it in one gallon containers from a firm in California, and later on, in quart containers from a few tractor supply and tractor sale shops in the county where I live. Takes about one oz. per gallon and of course at the rate I drive, lasts a long time. This last quart I have is called Cen-Pe-Co Lead, distributed by Central Petroleum Company of Cleveland, OH. Of course it may only be found at some place that has old stock left. Fritz Kuenzel

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Re: Leaded Fuel

I've been using lead substitute. Is that bad?

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Re: Leaded Fuel

From all that I have read, I understand that lead was not introduced into the fuel until after the 20's possible early 30's. A bit later than Rick's research though. I've seen many an argument on the AACA forum also on this, but it they do agree that it was used to help lubrication on the higher compression engines. I don't think with the type of driving that our cars have, that it will harm the engine to not have it. Why have the added expense from adding the lead substitute into the gas. The same as the zinc additive. I have read that it was also added as an additional lubricant in high performance engines. Not really needed in average cars.

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