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A Treasure found again...

Firstly, apologizes for 1st post... have found out FireFox is not allowing editing to messages as does Explorer.

But here we go :

Found this 5 miles north of home

Found this 1936 Nash sedan chopped into a pickup sitting a top 1926 Star

The rails , front axle & wheels, rad , engine and transmission are Star but the rear end and hubs & wheels are Nash. Engine is step 9 7 26

The honeycomb Star radiator found has proven "good" now I will have honeycomb type radiator inner core in lieu of Grandpa's 1928 chev inner rad.

Also picture of my Star with the Peace River in the background and at Heritage Days besides the UFA (1920"s) service station.

Star/Nash Combo

Star/Nash Engine Left Side

Star at Peace River

Star At Heritage Day, UFA Gas Station

Where Are You From? Peace River Alberta

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Star Durant

Re: A Treasure found again...

It is absolutely amazing what people used to do to get something up and running.
It would really be great if a section of this web page could be organized to document the various alterations we've come across in Star and Durant cars. Maybe even other makes if unusual enough. I think I could come up with a few pics.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

Dating : A Treasure found

So I need some help dating what I have found.

Firstly, Don Shilling forget your steering box comment, the steering box used on Star/Nash was the Nash's.

Points :
0. Head is stamped as Sept 1926
1. Exhaust port is at front of engine.
2. Has a dipstick (in lieu of cork and wire)
3. Fan & Crank pulleys are for a V-belt
4. Distributor is made of steel and not pot metal and condenser is on outside of distributor.

The rad cover emblem says "Durant Six", although its a 4 cylinder so I do realize this car may be a collection of Durant cars along with Nash (1936) components....

My Star (on the salvage job)

Distributor #1

Star/Nash Distributor from side

Distributor #2

Star/Nash Distributor from Top

Fan Pulley # 3

Star/Nash fan pulley

Exhaust Manifold :

Star/Nash Engine Left Side

My Star with new Rad core:


Where Are You From? peace river alberta

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Model M Star Touring


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