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1925 Star Model F coupe

This is probably an unusual request... I'm writing a local history booklet that involves an anecdote concerning a Star automobile (manufactured by Durant Motors), and I need to know if this model had a crank on the front, which was used to start it. If the 1925 Star Model F couple doesn't have a crank, which similar model & year would have one? I'm just trying to be as historically accurate as possible, so I thought I'd ask the experts! Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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Re: 1925 Star Model F coupe

I think by 1925 every car came with electric self-starters, except Ford Model T's, which could be bought without one.

On the other hand, all Model T's had a crank hanging out front in case you needed to use it, because of a dead battery. They were mounted there permanently. (Could be removed with some mechanical work, if you absolutely wanted to.)

Durant vehicles also had cranks for emergency starting, but they were kept in the tool kit, unless they were old beaters whose starters didn't work anymore.

Emergency crank starting was available on many cars right into the 50's. At least in some pickup trucks.

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Re: 1925 Star Model F coupe

My 1925 Star Model F is a touring model. It has a hole through the radiator cover to accomodate a crank and I have used one to start the engine when the electric starter failed.

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Re: 1925 Star Model F coupe

Thanks for the info. You've been a great help!

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