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Optima Battery

Anyone out there using an Optima battery? Know anything about the fake plastic battery cases used to hide them in?


Re: Optima Battery

Dave I've used Optima batteries for years now, never had a problem. I'm sure you are familiar with their advantages. I also have the phony plastic case to hide them. The six volt battery fits diagonal in the case, if that is a fit issue, (for the cable connections).I've thought it would be nice to have some USL battery script made up (a sticker),to make it look even more 'period'.

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Re: Optima Battery

Tell me more. I know nothing about them. Stickers I could do.

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Re: Optima Battery

Well the 12V Optima looks like a six pack of beer, and the 6V is a three pack. Therefore when you put the 6V into one of the available battery cases it fits diagonally inside this box. So from the outside it will look like a period 6V battery, but they are supplied with no logos. In the 6-14 owner's manual there is one drawing of the battery showing it to be made by USL--"made in Niagara Falls". Thought it would be neat to have some sticker made up to reproduce this. Of course you have to look under the car on the 6-14 to get a glimpse of the side of the battery, but car restorers are never guilty of overkill are they? Roscoe

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Re: Optima Battery

Thanks for the reply.

Does battery life justify the extra cost for the battery? Where did you buy the plastic case?


Re: Optima Battery

I was in Napa store today, and their poster for Optima batteries says "Up to twice the lifetime". That sounds pretty honest. They used to make you think they lasted a very long time. In my experience they last about 4 or 5 years. I've heard that you need an extra high voltage to recharge them. I haven't tried that.

I guess the advantage is they don't crack open or short out when they freeze.

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Re: Optima Battery

I got a six volt optima in a repo case: this one had my car's logo "Mercury" on it. Besides long life, these do not discharge as fast as a lead-acid battery when in storage. This has been a problem for me and I've ruined a few lead-acid batteries.

Also, they don't leak acid all over the engine compartment when they die. This is the reason I paid the premium as I has just detailed the engine after a lead acid battery ruined the finish.

I did have a problem with recharging it. The company told me to put a decent sized charger on it instead of the maintenance charger. This did the trick and its still holding the charge.

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