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Using spark advance ?????

Good day to all....

I have started driving my Star around town (have regular licence and insurance on it).

Am testing and learning.

My question is "How is the spark advance used ? "

I can relate how a 1970's vacuum advance works (i.e. advances spark as lose vacuum and brings spark back down when engine is no longer pulling and vacuum has built up).

That is a lot of spark change activity, if I try to emulate that!!!

So I would like to know how the spark is changed as a person goes through the gears in town just to get up to 35 mph.

Also what do I do on a hill, on a country road.
1. Where a downshift will be required ??
2. Where a downshift will not be requires but will lose 1/2 rpm etc?

So far, I have left things at 0 advance (i.e. where I start the car and where it idles best)..

Tx Guy

Where Are You From? Peace River Alberta

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Model M

Re: Using spark advance ?????

Hi Guy. In reguards to using the spark advance. 1st. When starting your car, it is a good idea to retard the spark, thus making it easier for the starting motor to turn the motor over. What this does, is it changes the the timeing on the compression stroke and makes the motor fire later than normal. If you should ever have to hand crank your car, it is a must to retard the spark. If you don't the car can kick backwards and if your are lucky it will only bruse the back of your hand. There many stories about broken hands and arms. If in dought, just ask a model T ford owner. When driveing on flat land, find where the car performes best by moveing the spark leaver up& down. When going down hill some cars, you can retard the spark and when going up hill advance the spark. I hope that I shed some light on driving your car.

Where Are You From? sunnie Calif.

Do You own a car built by Durant? several

Re: Using spark advance ?????

Typically, lever up is retarded (for starting and hill climbing i.e. low rpm) Down is advanced (running find the sweet spot.)

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star


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