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Headlight Bulbs 30 cp versus 50 cp

My Star had 50 cp bulbs in headlights.
I could not find 50 cp but I found 30 cp.

I installed new 30 cp headlight bulbs.
They were bright for 3 seconds then filaments burned out.

Would someone please explain to me the difference between 50 cp and 30 cp which I thought was just candle power...

But something else is going on ??????
Answers appreciated

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Re: Headlight Bulbs 30 cp versus 50 cp

As far as I am concerned, 30 cp & 50 cp refer to the brightness of the bulb. Most bulbs of this type say 6 - 8 volts. Are you running a 6 volt or 8 volt battery? Somehow, the new bulbs that you bought received an extra jolt of electricity and burnt them out. I had the same thing happen one spring when I fired the car up for the first time. Never could explain it. Maybe someone else on this forum has had a similar experience or can shed a little light?? on the matter.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac

Re: Headlight Bulbs 30 cp versus 50 cp

Hi Guy: I believe you are right, the CP is short for candle power. A 30 CP bulb would draw less current than a 50 CP bulb, so the change in CP rating should not casue your new lower-CP bulbs to burn out. But I suspect that your 'fiddling' with the sockets as you changed the bulbs may have disturbed the wiring behind the sockets. I just recently dismantled our headlight sockets so I could see how to replace the existing original 80 year old wires with new ones, and the connections in there were very poor. When I replaced the wires, I soldered the end of the new wire to the connector, not just wrapped around it as was originally done. Wire wraps tend to come loose with the vibrations of the car. I would also check to see what voltage is being delivered at the sockets, making sure it is no more than the Battery's voltage.

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Re: Headlight Bulbs 30 cp versus 50 cp

Gordon and others :

I will agree with Gord and his startup "hickup".

Ordered box of GE 1133 's (30 cp) put a new set in yesterday and this seem ok. Have started and stopped car a few times with headlites on etc...

So its 82 years old... its allowed a "hickup".

Tx Guy

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