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The US is now importing over 70% of its' oil. Last year we paid $450 billion for oil. The US will continue to pay more and more for oil. T. Boone Pickens prophesies that we will be importing over 75% of our oil and paying $200 to $300 dollars for it. We need to hear what he says, combined with what the Union for Concerned Scientist say, plus what is stated from others. WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING OUR ENEMIES? We are paying for both sides of the war. Thus, the US needs to move to another source of energy. Please support your representative to support the bill now in congress and not have the oil companies and other powers modify it.

Does this mean that we old car owners will not be able to fuel our cars? No. What it means is that cars of the future will not have the internal combustion engine as we know it. We will still be able to get some fuel for our cars as fuels will be available to run our cars (maybe not the 10:1 or 11:1 high performance). However, I suspect there will also be fuel to run those 427s etc.

Now we must also stop those that would create the "remove old cars from the road" bills as we know that our cars do not pollute as we have them tuned and also we do not drive them every day.

Where Are You From? Redwood City, Ca.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 29 Model 60


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