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pulling motor

I am trying to pull the motor out of the car to check the oil leak problem I have. It looks like I may have to remove the fenders first. I dont want to do this if I can get around it. How cxan I pull the motor without tearing the whole car apart again? Also-how do I disconnect the trany and bell housing before pulling it. Sure fun working on old cars --NOT!!!! I am kind of getting frustrated.

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Re: pulling motor

Acck! Are you sure you have to pull the engine out? Can't you just drop the oil pan? You may have to take off the side motor underpans to get better access. Is it from that **** front filler block area?Roscoe

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Re: pulling motor

I tried with just the oil pan pulled but cant solve it there --I am afraid it is the rear main seal . I am going to find out for sure this time or I will have to give up and hire a mechanic. How the hell does one go about getting the clutch and brake pedals off the shaft?? Looks like a real major job.. Have to drop the transmission and then hope the rest will come out the top--
Bell housing is to hard to get off --Bolts are so far up I cant even see them.Maybe end up dropping the clutch plate, pressure plate,. and fly wheel first . Guess I will find out tomorrow May be tempted to sell the thing for scrap iron.


Where Are You From? Kamloops B C Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 durant model 614 deluxe rumble seat coupe

Re: pulling motor

Yes that oil pan is a bugger to get a seal.
Here is what I have done. I used a 1/4" cork gasket for the front and rear. for the sides I used 1/8"
The front and rear gasket needs to come up to the 1/8 thickness of the side gasket and then use form a gasket to stick it all together. Let it dry before installing it Because, the front and rear gasket slips out of place while you try to tightning it.
The oil pan comes out quite easily once your remove the the splash aprons
Unless your motor is compleatly worn out, then you may have a rear main problem. remove the engine?
You will have to remove the intire front clip to do this . Unless some old timer has a trick up his sleeve. However you can do a lot on this motor without removing it. But I would still remove the front clip. It really is'nt that hard. Nuts and bolts simple stuff. Then you will have access to the engine.
The head comes off, oil pan, valve covers everything comes off easy.
The clutch and brake bar is held in place by two holders mounted on each side of the frame . Once you remove the the floor board, detatch the linkage and unbolt the holders, the whole thing comes out

Hope that helps....
Good luck!

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