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Durant query

Please can anyone help me in identifying this vehicle?

Details are as follows:

Model F
Motor Number: 217748
Durant Motor Company of New Jersey
Elizabeth. NY. USA.

Head casting build date: 7-8-27
Block casting build date: 9-5-23

21 inch wooden wheels.
Wheel base 103 inch.
Rear brakes only.
Throttle and spark controls in centre of steering wheel near horn button.

Your help would be much appreciated,

Rick Starick

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Re: Durant query

Hi Rick.....

I would guess it is a Rugby (Star) Model F.

If you go to DurantCars.com check out the Rugby catalog for more info.

Guess the head was changed sometime because of the wide variation in casting dates.

Frank ---

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Re: Durant query

This is very interesting. It may be a "Johnny Cash" type of vehicle.
The serial number indicates a Star auto instead of a Star truck or Rugby series, and is a 1924 F model.
The spark and throttle controls indicate a later model "M".
Being an export, it could be assembled with any combination of parts. Could we get a pic of the front engine mounts and steering sector attachment to the frame?
Also, a pic of the instrument panel would be helpful.

Re: Durant query

Hi Don,

Thanks for the info.

I have uploaded some more photos and titled the forum "What is my Durant?"

Rick Starick

Re: Durant query

According to the parts book, the front engine mounts, steering gear, engine controls, etc, were put in production in 1927 starting with serial number 405001. That makes this car an M model.
I would love to embark on a Roadtrip to rescue this little jewel but I think it's a little far down the road, even for me!!
I hope you can do something with it.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

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Re: Durant query

An interesting note on the engine. Even though it has a casting date of 9-5-23, it has the oil filler for a W5 engine and also round casting plugs.
Look for a W5A- or W4- number on the crankcase and also on the rear of the head.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, Tex

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Star, 1927 Star

Re: Durant query

Looks a lot like my Elizabeth M4, except it's got 19 inch tires and four-wheel brakes.
I don't think people use iron pistons anymore. Somewhere in the archives there're discussions of where to find pistons.
The distributer housing is there. Maybe you can modify something to fit. A lot of possibilities out there. You'll need a machinist to cut some crossed helical gears of the correct ratio.[Ratio is 0.600, distributer turns once for every two turns of crankshaft] The timing chain should be a common part.[Morse #45, 0.500 pitch, 1.250 wide, 63 links] The sprockets may be worn, though. You'll have to decide. You probably can buy new Morse sprockets or equivalent and have the hubs modified to fit the engine.

Someone on this discussion used roller chain sprockets. Don't know how that worked out. Must be noisier. The danger of broken chains is that they can break out through the front engine cover.

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Re: Durant query

Thanks to everyone for your feedback.
I look forward to restoring her and putting the photos up as it comes together.

- Rick

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes


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