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Putting Flywheel back on : Help Needed

I am adding externals to my newly rebuild W5. Originally my 1926 had a 1924 flywheel as evidenced by the mark on the flywheel "03/24/24".

The situation :

#1 The bolt pattern, on mine, IS NOT POSTIONALLY UNIQUE.

#2 I am having a hard time finding a mark at the top of tooth on front side of flywheel(i.e. on the ring gear)

#3 I do seem to find a dot (hic) impressed, on the front and to the inside of flywheel ring, which is directly above where the 03/24/24 stamp is (the datestamp is on bottom half of wheel while "dot" is at top.

#4 : I have done readings and understand of keyway at top on front crank and opening and closing of valves on cylinder #4.

#5. And I understand the alignment of marks on crank and cam gears.

I believe my engine to be sitting at top dead center now.

Any and All help appreciated

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Re: Putting Flywheel back on : Help Needed

Don Shilling set me straight and I accept.

Yes there is a unique bolt pattern ... but the supposed mark on flywheel still evades me.

Still looking for comment on that one..


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Re: Putting Flywheel back on : Help Needed

The flywheel mark will be on the top face when #1 position is at TDC on compression, (both valves closed).
Here is the excerpt from a repair manual.

On the rim of the flywheel is a heavy stamped line. Continue to turn the motor slowly until this line is exactly on top and in a direct line with the center of the crank shaft.
This is called the top dead center position of the compression stroke.

This position is also the "retarded" position for setting the distributor.


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