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6-14 Trivia facts ???

what would be the best facts to know about the 1930 6-14 ?


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Re: 6-14 Trivia facts ???

the 6-14 is better because it has a very workable 22a engine that uses a typical modern mechanical cam driven fuel pump, instead of a vacuum tank unit...it is a great "basic car" with most info about it more readily available since it is 1930 and newer when most mauuals and info seemed to get better....just an opinion !!!!...regards, gary k

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Re: 6-14 Trivia facts ???

With the 1930 models, the Durant Motor Company introduced a completely new line of cars that unlike their earlier siblings were mechanically new. I mean to say they were designed to use better brakes that were easier to adjust, had more powerful engines (W8, 22A, 15U), and final gearing that allowed them to run at much higher speeds, very fast for their day and yet good enough for today's roads.


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Re: 6-14 Trivia facts ???

Like night and day 29 to 30. More steel less wood. Doors were all metal instead of tin over wood. Front window goes up 30 - 32 and out prior to 30.
Its like two different Co's if you put one beside the other, the change is so drastic. Earlier D's are higher and more granny looking to the 30 - 32 models that were lower and sleeker. Frontenac's even lower with dropped frame. (32A motors in some cars later, also 112 wheelbase but some 115. Few 614's had free wheeling as well. Thought that was Fronty and 618 but saw an ad for 614 offering that) Artillery wood spoke wheels over spindly spoke. Almost nothing fits 28 / 29 to 30 / 32. Tires / tubes and taillight on some models, is about it.

Another plus seems to be plugs etc are still used and not special order, the pre 30 ones are. Walk into any Canadian Tire here and pick up plugs on the floor like they were for a 2008 car. Still haven't figured out why and what else uses the plugs currently. NAPA carries the igniton stuff, as does Frank. Not knocking pre 30 because I have a 32, they are all great cars. To quote an old motto (not Durant's) "Ask the person who owns one"

Compare these two. 29 60 and 31 614 here. Roof material on top for 30 - 32 but to rain gutters prior.


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