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Coil Polarity?

I have a coil with terminals marked with a + and a -. Does it really make any difference? As long as one terminal is connected to the ignition and the other to the distributor, shouldn't it work? I have a positive ground system.

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Re: Coil Polarity?

If your system has a positive ground connection at the battery, the + coil terminal is connected to the distributor

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Re: Coil Polarity?

Hi All......

Dave is correct.

The points act as a switch between the coil and ground. So which ever terminal of the battery is connected to ground that is the terminal of the coil you connect the distributor wire to.

I always thought our cars were negative ground???



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Re: Coil Polarity?

Good call Frank! I don't know of any positive ground Durant cars?
Vince... according to our wiring diagrams located on the tech page (courtesy of Jan Arnett), The 1925 Star uses a 6 volt battery 3cvx-5x with the negative terminal ground. That means that the negative side of your coil should connect to the distributor. I believe that your car will run the other way, but I was taught to match the dist with the ground also. Jim G.

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Re: Coil Polarity?

My '31 619 is set up with positive ground. Way back I asked a question here and got some replies to the effect of the ones above. I've left it so far - my theory is if it works, leave it alone. Sometime I'd like to get it set up right if there is such. I was just concerned about the coil and such. When I get around to putting the battery back under the floor, I think I'll do it right, now that it's been explained. Seems the consensus is negative ground is how they came. I'll get those durn little lectrons running the right way on the one-way street.

Re: Coil Polarity?

I once heard that grounding the positive side might produce less corrosion on the terminals (that's why the Brits didn't change on some of their cars until the 60's, or they were just stubborn). Easy to switch, some accessories might be affected(who has a radio in their antique car anyway?).On cars with a generator you have to re-polarize. Bulbs should not be affected. But when you flush your toilet it will now swirl the opposite direction! Roscoe

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