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Rear Main Seal

Was reading Ken's "Starting my engine" post and noticed a couple of remarks about the rear main seal. I am at the point of my engine rebuild where I am putting it all back together. I have been looking at the rear main seal block with some confusion. I ordered a complete gasket set from Olsen's Gaskets and what was labled "rear main seal" included 3 felt strips. I understand that 2 of the strips are used along the sides of the seal block, however I am not sure about the 3rd felt strip (which is longer than the other 2) and how it fits into the picture. When I first pulled the rear seal block, the two felt strips were there but there was nothing around the shaft that I would consider to be a "main seal."

I have a 23 Star Tourning with a W-4 engine.

Can anyone help me with how exactly the rear main seal is put together? What do I do with that 3rd felt strip? It does not seem to really fit inside of or around anything that would do any good to keep oil from leaking out around the shaft.


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Re: Rear Main Seal

Are you sure the third is not for the rear oil pan gasket ?? I was lucky--My rear seal is okay but the oil pan gasket got twisted and was not making contact in about 1 1/2 inches, That was the leak. gasket is still okay to use too so I have just put some gasket glue on it and glued it to the pan. Hopefully it will be okay when I get it back together again . sure getting good at taking things apart Ken

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Re: Rear Main Seal

Maybe I should rethink this. How about the gasket fitting along the curved section of the block aginst the bearing

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 Durant Model 614 Deluxe Rumble Seat Coupe


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