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Muffler - Walker No. 448

Am replacing muffler on 1926 Touring. From research, I feel the 1926 model M did not have the "torpedo"
muffler of 24's and 25's.

Currently, muffler is a flow thru (non chambered) Walker No 448 (21 inches long, 5 1/2 inches in dia., with non offset 1 3/4 outlets).
This seems to match proportions of muffler as seem in "Repair Parts List".

Jobbers (or parts stores) cannot find me a good match on a nonchambered muffler, theirs are all chambered and outlets are a little offset.

Any and all informations would be appreciated in :

Confirming correct muffler type and size ?

Will a chambered muffler affect my W5's performance ?

Where do I find a comparable correct muffler ?


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Re: Muffler - Walker No. 448

Guy, I think we covered part of this on an earlier Forum. Your muffler I think is same as the L,L2,M,M2,R,S2,S4,X,X2,40,55,401 per my 35 and 38 catalogue, that also requires a tailpipe. If so you need a muffler to handle 2nd one down. 152.1 CID.
I'm not sure if the round mufflers are still availble or you just go the muffler place and have them instal an oval type like a lot of the lads have done.

I can't promise anything but Minikars might have one to fit your car. Randy has old buses full of nos mufflers of every shape and length. He's even got them up stairs and basement of the old garage and next building over. I hunted through his mufflers for one for a 22A for Dot and couldn't find one. Saw Randy and he said did you try the basement ? Basement ?? Went down and he pulled one out that fit. Charged me $50 for the muffler. I also bought enough light bulbs to cover the car plus an extra of each type. Think my total bill was $67 after taxes.
Randy has no inventory listing but just explain sizes etc and he will look for you.

Minaker Auto Parts Milford Ltd
Address : Milford, ON
Telephone : 613-476-4547
Email : randy@minakersautoparts.ca
Category : Automobile Wrecking, Garages Auto Repairing, Automobile Parts & Supplies Used & Rebuilt
Specializing in hard to get parts.

This below is out of DMAC for correct muffler needed. Doesn't copy well.

Durant Motors Engine Size CID
Durant 4-cyl 1926 and earlier 200.5
W4 (believe this right) 130.4
W5 152.1
W8 200.4
14L 169.3
14L & 15L used on Durant D-60 185.0
15U & 20E 248.3
22A & 22AA 199.1
22A used on 1932 Frontenac 214.7

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Re: Muffler - Walker No. 448

Many of the restorers use Waldron Exhaust here in the U.S. They already make mufflers for several of our cars and will make what you want in either steel or stainless steel. If you give them the dimensions and a photograph or drawing they can make it up. They make them for many antique ars. Although Stainless steel is more expensive you will not have to worry about it again. Their web site is http://www.waldronexhaust.com/

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Re: Muffler - Walker No. 448

Wish auto manufacturers used stainless in the 1st place on new cars and you'd never have to worry again. Muffler places wouldn't like it but be easier on the enviroment. Wondered why my 96 Jeep Cherokee exhaust system never rusted out and learned it was stainless that year in the Jeeps. Wasn't mentioned at time of sale nor in the owners manual. Experiment ???

Ford did a lot of that with T's I discovered in the past. Not all were steel bodies but used aluminum in bodies and trim. Found an early 20's 4 door sedan with doors all aluminum rather than tin over wood and entire upper body section with rear window also the same. Seam band was also aluminum. I understood they were experimentation to see how aluminum stood up over steel. Odd as Ford used aluminum pre 16 in hoods and tranny covers so not new to them.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan


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