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Oil Pan Gasket

Has anyone found a source for oil pan gaskets ?
We need one for our 1929 4-cyl W5 engine. Or are we going to have to make our own ? If we do have to make a new one, what thickness of gasket material should we get ? Dave in Ottawa

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Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Dave did you try Randy Miniker ?? One building is gaskets everywhere. randy@minakersautoparts.ca

Another thought might be Gary Beaupre, on Wentworth Ave, who's dad owned Beaupre Auto Parts. He brought all the old stock to his house.

Don't know if Benson's can help you. Former / same ??AC employee in Bells Corner store used to look after continental motor parts.

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Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Hi Dave......

I do have new old stock oil pan gaskets for the W4 & W5 four cylinder engines. They are $15 each plus shipping, but shipping to Canada may be cost prohibitive.

I will have them at the East Coast Chapter spring meet at Luray Virginia. I know some Canadian members are attending. Possibly they could pick some up for you

Frank ---

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Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Frank, the City of Ottawa is paying for it, moneys no object, ha ha. Never mind Ottawa is having enough problems sorting out the bus strike and how much that is costing us all. That's still unravelling and my son is a driver for them.

Wouldn't surface mail be cheaper. Doesn't take much longer priority versus surface. That damaged wheel cap off ebay I asked the cheapest way USPS and it was here about 4 days from sending from lower US. Heck I think it cost me about $7 US and its heavy. (one of the early 30 wire caps). Its exchange at 1.25 approx and then customs but under $20 cost avoids tax problems.

They are trying to get the 40 up and running for when the museaum opens. I only suggested 3 sources here as possibles. Randy is below Picton but other two are here in Ottawa. At least you are a sure thing. Leave that up to you and Dave.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan

Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Hi Norm.....

Yes I have to agree with you that usually the postal system is the best way to ship. I use it to ship items all over the world.

My only hesitation was to ship a fragile oil pan gasket , and have it survive our postal systems would require some bullet proof packing. Much better if some one would hand carry it.

The museums car has one of my Zenith carbs on it already. Like to see it back up and running.

Why don't you make it down to Virginia??

Frank ---

Do You own a car built by Durant? 14 Durant & Star cars & a Durant Dort buggy

Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Hi Frank .. yes I know about the carb. I agree re fragile for cork gaskets.

Know the car from the 60's when Graham brought it out for AACO meets when the club was a fun thing. He sold it to the Science and Tech museum mid 60's and they gave it to Cumberland museum as they have a dup 40 in their warehouse of cars and stuff. Used to see it sitting in the laneway at his home not far from us. Was a number of us with cars pre 32, in a few miles circle of one another. Stephan's 31 D was owned by my chum and he was about 15 homes from me. Keith's 24 D touring now called 26 in DMAC photos was next street over. 1909 Ford T touring between Grahams place and mine. Neighbour on the corner had a 490 Chev, T touring, Lanchester, Model A and a big Diana Moon sedan. 3 ton beast of a car that was used as a Taxi in Ottawa. Diana herself on the rad and glass water visors on top of all 4 door windows. Diana rad mascot itself weighed a few lbs. Nothing light on the whole car. I understand that car to be down Montreal way now. As you may know AACO no longer exists as of Nov, but it will through the restoring of the 40 with ex club funds.

Now a days it requires a passport to go US. From events in the last few years of US shipping Canadian's, trying to return to Canada, to other countries instead, lord knows where I might end up. That's still in the papers. Don't wish to get sent to some European country, instead of back here.
Had enough trouble last year with Canada and arranging my old age pension to start in a few months. I'm born near London Eng so don't have a Canadian birth cert. Shouldn't be a problem you say. Wrong ... for a good many of us it is. Under the War Bride Act for WW2, Mum and I were auto citizens of Canada, since Dad was a Canadian soldier. We didn't require citizenship papers. Canada in its lack of wisdom recinded the Act in the 60's, then reinstated it, recinded it and reinstated it, after out crys over it. Goodness knows where that is at now. I know others like me are having problems, as it surfaces in the paper every now and then. Applying for OAS it clearly states the do not recognise the War Brides Act and us as citizens of Canada, for OAS payments. I kid you not when I phoned about it, they wanted a witness who saw Mum and I come off the ship in Halifax April 1946. You just have to wonder at their mentality. Ships arrived from Eng full of wives / children and someone is going to witness two of us from the 40's ??? Doesn't matter I lived since just a few days before age 2, schooled, worked here, paid into OAS and CPP, and also get Canada Pension since age 60, now I am an alien of Canada ?? I even pointed out I get CPP from them and they had everything. "Yes we see that but OAS isn't CPP so can't use what we have".
Luckily I had worked on family history and gotten Dad's WW2 papers from the archives. In those was a paper from the army 1946 approving Mum and I to come to Canada and welcoming us. My bro also found the actual card given to all brides with ships pic on the front and welcoming us to Canada our new homeland. It doesn't give names, just a generic card but nice to have. The 1946 army paper has Mums name but "and child" for me. I doctored the photo'd copy with my name and sent that in with all the other papers. Approved for OAS. I feel sorry for others not having anything to fall back on paper wise and what they must go through to get their old age pension having lived in Canada most of their lives and assuning like all of us do, we are Canadian. Yes you can take out citizenship but its effective the day you do and not retroactive to the 40's. OAS is based on residency date age 18 and later, closer to age 65 the less pension you get.

So I can see me crossing into the US and trying to get back as alien of Canada then shipped to Syberia or ??? Was never a problem until Bin Laden and Bush decided otherwise for US folk / Canadian's crossing either way. Use to go to Wells Maine, Syracuse, Watertown or just cross one bridge and back another for a Sunday drive. Not any more.


Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan

Re: Oil Pan Gasket

I have room in my "car trunk" and would be happy to bring you back accross the border this Summer when i come up! Hee, Hee.

Seriously I need to get my Passport updated myself or I will be "held" in Canada myself! I wouldn't like that as I would Freeze in July up there (very thin Florida blood)Ha, Ha.

The US Custom's man told me I needed a "Passport" last Summer (08), when I picked up the Locomobile's, and was comming back to the US. He made a "big thing" of it (not having a passport with me!)even though the "new" laws didn't go into effect untill January 09. I pointed this out to him... and he said "See, you know the law". Whatever, I didn't argue further as I didn't want to spend the rest of the Summer up there Freezing! Ha, Ha.

BTW They paid "little" attention to my truck, trailer, or the two Locomobile cars and 3 Tons of parts I had and was bringing into the US. Also my mulltiple US identifications didn't seem to make them happy either. Yes I remember the "ole days" too when you could cross the border, back and forth for pleasure, several times a day if you wanted!

Must be lots-and-lots of us old Guys trying to SNEEK accross the border! Both ways, Ha!!!!!

Hopping to get up to your Big Fest this Summer up your way.

Lance C.

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Re: Oil Pan Gasket

Hi Lance

It becomes mandatory June 1st here. We all got a card thing in the mail box last Dec saying effective June 1st a passport is required period to go to the US. You can cross I think without one if you drive over with birth / citizenship papers / pic id , but fly or boat requires it period for some time now.

Never mind Di is in the same boat and she's born Ottawa. They require a photo on something to show you are who you are, as id. Di has no such thing. She's never driven so no drivers pic, our Ont hospital (OHIP)cards are the old ones without photo (and no we don't want the new ones that require constant renewing of pic. We'd have to go to Carleton Place to get one as the place in Ottawa is upstairs, no parking, and not handicap accessible) She hasn't used the bus so again no OCTranpo bus pass pic. Nada pic's.

Any time we as a family did cross the border we brought marriage, birth, etc certs ... just in case. Was never asked to prove anything but it was a just in case they did. We still laugh a one crossing we had. Customs officer pulled us to one side to check the contents of the vehicle. He put his hand in a green plastic bag we had in a cooler and as he was doing it he asked what was in it. I replied lobsters from Maine. You never saw a hand come out of bag so fast, ha ha ha. He turned red from embarrassment. That stopped any further search and told us to pass into Canada, without any more fuss. We never told him they were cooked, grin.

Don't laugh my gramma's sister was brought into Canada in a steamer trunk 1907. Gramps, Gramma, Dad ,Unc Ron and Elsie landed at Ellis Island NY from Eng, Dec 1907, just after Xmas. From there by train, I think Montreal crossing unless there was another crossing, and then by Grand Trunk RR to Toronto, then by sleigh to Glen Robinson, which is next to Georgetown Ont. Elsie Bradshaw left Eng as Elsie Toone on the ships manifest and used Toone all her life as she hated her father and his name. She's buried in Grand Valley Ont as Elsie Toone. (You can look that up in the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid site. No I am not listed yet ha ha. My parents and Gparents are). It was the crossing into Canada she hid in the trunk. I was told that story as a young lad and must be true as my 1/2 siblings know the same story.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan


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