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More cars / Parts

Just passing this on for your interest, as it was passed to me. I have no idea what they look like other than as mentioned here. I'm sure pic's can be sent to anyone interested.

The first is from a fellow in Manitoba with a complete 29 Durant with 2 extra welled front fenders and 2 spare axles and some other bits for $800 asking, larryaspence@hotmail.com.

The second was from a guy who didn't mention what year or model his parts were from, but he did send some photos, but my pc froze from the size of each so I have no idea. Took over 15 min to open one pic of a rusty cowl with window surround of coup / sedan, no doors, and cowl vent cap missing. Looked pre 30 without the raised parts of the 30 - 32 cowl moulding. Only way I get rid of the pic and unfreeze the pc, was disconnect the pc. Seems there were older parts in the background of other pics that might be of use to someone, $100 asking.

(its my pc that can't handle 2.3 mg pics or larger. Dial up just adds more headaches for size of mails)

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan

Re: More cars / Parts

I make it a habit of checking my mail at the web server first. That way I can preview the big files and trash them before trying to download them through the thin wires leading to my modem. If there's a big picture that I want, I can copy it and paste it to a Paint file and then reduce it in size before saving it as a jpeg file. Doesn't have to go through the modem.

Do You own a car built by Durant? y

Re: More cars / Parts

Hi Charles ... Didn't used to get concerned about large mails as there were few. My OE is set up to go after NCF and Hotmail mails without having the bother of signing into either. Handy for me if NCF mail server is down I can bypass sending mails there and use Hotmail as a 2nd choice. Seems a number of NCF users do this, I noted in problems part of NCF.

Now I check the lower right corner where it shows me number of mails and speed they come at. If I see it dragging I cut the internet connection and close OE. Then reconnect in IE and NCF to its mail server. Ah ha ... what I call large mails with pics or jokes. Over 500kbs. Can tell by the subject or who's sending them. Auto delete those and spam stuff at the same time. Checked content on this one mail at 9 mgs as it was a safe mail sender. 3 pics attached. That's were I attempted to open the pic but I guess it still downloads to the pc to do that. Hense the 15 min to open. Pics aren't open in the server and still attachments to be opened, for all mails. Once open, the pc just froze and even end task wouldn't come up. Turned off the pc and reopened it again. Copy / pasted the message part only and deleted the mail. Once everything is normal I can close IE and open OE once again to download remaining mails. Don't know any way of freezing OE to stop mails while you fool around in NCF. If you hit stop in OE is says fine but will finish the existing mail which you don't want it to do. Closing the internet connection solves that.

Now I am doing what you do. Checking NCF 1st as telling folks not to send large mails doesn't sink in. Hard to tell your 90 yr old aunt so she understands or a few bit younger DMAC'ers. Don't understand how you move a pic that's not opened, somewhere else. I don't have anything that reduces pics in XP pro. Trust me, been there and tried. My son set this thing up and he works for Adobe and agrees I don't have a reducing program. What I do is send pic to recipient which then asks if same size or smaller. I say smaller which reduces them to 50 - 60 kbs. Then delete the orig and drag the reduced off the new email to desk top and delete that mail without sending anywhere. Works for me and I have reduced pic's for saving or sending or both. One thought that came into my head was mailing an offending email from NCF mail server to my son to reduce. Never tried using the server to do that. It wouldn't have to come though my PC to do that.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan

Re: More cars / Parts

Have one pic from the 2nd parts fellow. I can't see this as being Durant. Top half of doors piano hinge and slot at bottom for single hinge. Door moulding doesn't match 28 / 29 type of double bars with handle in the middle. Also D's have 3 single hinges. Sure not 30 to 32 D or F with no wood in doors and two single hinges.

Let you be the judge but I have my doubts. Bottom of doors rusted off as well, so rough. Rad shell in background not pre 29 style either.


Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 Sedan


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