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engine Identification

I have three Continentail engine blocks from Star Cars with slight diferences,
One has cast-in front engine mounts and an enginetag # 277882,
the other two have bolt on front engine mounts,with higher tag #'s

two have cover plates for rectangular frost plugs near the top of ther block one has round modern style drive-in frost plugs.
Wha tyears are these??

THanks for your help.


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Re: engine Identification

Hello Brent,
Butch and I have about 16 Star engines to study. From what I have found, the best way to identify a W4 engine (used on 1922-1925 C and F models) is the head casting number on the top of the head will read W4 and the oil filler is located on top of the timing chain housing.
A W5 (used on 1925-1928 F and M models) will have its model number cast in the same location on top of the head and the oil filler will be installed on the timing chain cover.
I have W4 and W5 engines with either cover plates or expansion plugs.
The front engine mounts cast on the timing chain case are for solid mount engines used from 1922 to early 1927 (up to car number 405000).
The bolt on front engine mounts were used on rubber engine mount cars from late 1927 (from car number 405001).
The main difference between engines is the W4 has a 3 1/8" bore and the W5 has a 3 3/8" bore. Both have the same stroke.

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