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rebuild info

I have my Duarnt stripped down to frame and am in process of wire brushing frame.
What treatment should i use when down to shiny metal.
I have rust-olium black paint. Is that acceptable for restoration or is there a particular type i should use?

What species of wood was installed in the original cars?

How critical is it to stay with same bolts/nuts, etc. Had to grind some of them of to remove body.

What are the original colors for 1929, and where can i get a swatch to have paint matched.

Need all info for restoration you can spare, just send it my way by e-mail or postal.
Stan Morris
4580 Central Av.
Fremont, Ca

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Durant 2 door Sedan 40,built in oakland

Re: rebuild info

Everyone has their preferences that they have used over the years. I would first make sure it is clean by wiping it down with a metal prep to get all the dirt and grease off of it. There are several ways you can do the frame. I would order a catalog from Eastwood company who has some excellent products and produces some great paint for the chassis. They have it in a regular and a bit glossy paint. This is the type I'm going to use on my Model 28 frame. Bill Hirsch also sells some good chassis paint and some use the POR 15 paint that some places sell. Some have also had it powder coated. Nothing wrong either with rustoleum if you make sure the frame is clean and it will stick. As far as the wood is concerned most here will tell you that Ash and Oak was used in most of the cars.

The nuts and bolts you use depend on if you are going to show it for judging at AACA events or not. If it can be seen by a judge then you better use the type of nuts and bolts used in the day the car was made. The company Restoration Supply in California there has a good selection of bolts etc. No philips head screws, didn't have them in the 20's. As far as the car hobby goes, some paint their cars in the original colors and some paint their cars like circus cars. I prefer the original colors and restoring the cars back to what they looked like when they were new. Check out the Tech Page and Special Interest section on the left side of your screen here. There is a section on paints for the cars with a list of colors by years. There is a company in Southern California that has been great in supplying the proper color paint for our cars. They are on the web as the Auto Color Library, but someone can give you the name and number of the guy to contact directly. Restoration is kind of a personal thing there is no exact one way to restore a car. Ask a thousand people and get a thousand answers. You've already done one thing good though, posted on this forum. There are many who have restored and are restoring their cars on this site. They will be glad to give you advise on the restoration process and many have learned by trial and error.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65

Re: rebuild info

Stan, what model car are you restoring?
I'm starting a 6-63 4 door sedan from 1929. I'm working with a woodworker who is going to help make a patern for the car so that those that need to rebuild one in the future can get it done easier.
Do you have pictures available?
good luck.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Durant 6-63

Re: rebuild info

Stan, you might consider having your chassis "SODA BLASTED" ( kind of like sand blasting, only better ) That wire brushing might take you a LONG time and the cost is reasonable. I had a '50 Chevy & a '70 stepside done & they turned out GREAT. Also had a Durant complete front axle with brake assembly done.....now I've got to decide if I want to use it on my '27 coupe or trade it off for other parts. Good luck on your project


Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes.....a Durant STAR that I got from David Haggland via a trade


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