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Timber for body re-build

I just getting in to the re-build of the body on my 29 D40 Rugby.

I have read previously on the forum of people overseas using Oak or similar in the rebuild of the timber work for the body.

I am just wondering what others from Australia have used that is readily available.



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Re: Timber for body re-build

Hi Shane. Are you Keith'son? I have found Tassie oak best. Are you doing a sedan body?
Regards Sid

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Re: Timber for body re-build


With the body work on the car I am doing up I have been using very old and seasoned mountain ash for the frames and when larger flat pieces are required in the doors/bracing I am using marine ply. Next time I am up your way as I have a brother who lives at Rush Creek will see if I can visit you at Toowoomba.

Keep up the good work.

Ted Kruger

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Re: Timber for body re-build

Yes Sid, I am Keith's son. I have just started the tourer that Dad started doing 35+ years ago, but got halted when he came across the one he is driving today. I was previously working on a 29 ute, but the chassis and panel work for this vehicle is a lot more progressed than the ute.

Ted, Feel free to drop in if you're ever up this way.

Thanks for the information


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