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D-55 Vibration

My '28 D-55 Coupe develops a bad vibration between 25 and 30 mph. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start looking to fix this. When the vibration starts it sounds like the entire drive train is going to fly apart. I have to assume that this is not normal.

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Re: D-55 Vibration

Hi Matt.

Your correct, that's not normal, but after 79 years it's not unexpected either. Check the motor mount bolts, they should be tight. I had the same experience when I drove my model 60 for the first time, I found the rear motor mounts and the transmission bolts very loose, the tranny was dancing around. Tightening those bolts made a world of difference.

Don't forget your wheels, if they are out of round or out of balance they will add vibration. They're are other things to check as well, valve gap, points, condenser, and spark plugs come to mind.


Re: D-55 Vibration

Hi Matt, Check the wobble joint that is bolted to the front of your transmission. You should remove the floor boards and drive down the road. This unit is wobbling you need to rebuild it.

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Re: D-55 Vibration

Hi Matt....

All good suggestions. I usually find that the Spicer joint that Bruce mentioned is the source of a lot of the problems. Over the years the rubber balls get hard and brittle. It is not a difficult job to replace these.

One of the tech sessions we will have at Auburn is on rebuilding these joints.

I do have the set of 16 balls available for these. The cost is $32.50 plus shipping and includes instructions,

Frank ---

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Re: D-55 Vibration

A 16 BALL SET.?????

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