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Wood on the Station Wagon

This past weekend my family and I finally were able to get the Star out. After we carefully pull it out we were able to inspect all aspects of the car. After looking carefully some of the wood appears to be rotted or falling apart. We would like to replace this to the same wood or similar in color and hardness that was originally put on. The Station Wagon is a 1923. If anyone can help me identify what kind of wood was put on it that would be so helpful.


LeeAnn Roof

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Re: Wood on the Station Wagon

I cant tell without seeing the wood but its a pretty safe bet to use oak. If that is not the way you want to go then try ash. I know both were used in the body work of the cars . And keep the old pieces to use as patterns for the rebuilding of the new parts .

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Re: Wood on the Station Wagon

Go to the photograph section and look up the depot hack restored by Louis Quenneville there. Also you can see completed pictures of it in the 2006 meeting area by clicking on the button on the left side. Louis just completed his restoration just prior to the national meet in Canada last September. The pictures do not do the restoration justice for sure. Louis is a true craftsman and the vehicle is a trouphy restoration for sure. He had patterns made of soft wood and then had the patterns made in hard wood for the final restoration. You can communicate with him and he can tell you all about what he did. His wood is just what you want for your restoration for sure.

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Re: Wood on the Station Wagon

If the sections are missing try using styrofoam to make the patterns. I use insulation board which you can glue up into vaious thickness. The material is very easy to cut and sculpt using an electric carving knife. Have anice day, Jan

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