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Need Help Again

Thanks for the help on last item, does anyone know where I can find clutch disc pads, they are about 3 inches long and there are 8 of them riveted on, they look like brake pads.

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Re: Need Help Again

Here in Texarkana, we have a company known as Custom Clutch and Driveshaft. Many years ago they relined the friction disc on my '23 C Model. I don't know where they obtained the pads or if they fabricated them in the shop. The end result was excellent. Perhaps there is such a business in your area that you could contact.

One thing to watch for is that the friction disc is not flat. If you look at the disc edge on, you will notice it has a wavy pattern. This is to soften the clutch engagement. Make sure the new pads are installed in the original relation to the wave

Don Shilling

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Re: Need Help Again

Hi Dave......

A while back I sent Bob Krause some clutch lining for a fork lift. It was the same diamater as the Star & Durant used. He cut out the segments to match his original and redrilled some holes. Worked fine for him. This was written up in the Partner a few issues back.

A lot of parts can be adapted or are interchangeable for our cars.

Mid 1930's Farmall tractors ( F-12 & F-14) use the same AC fuel pump as the later Durants, rebuild kits are still available from antique tractor suppliers.

The slip clutch linning on mid 1960's Case 220 hay balers is an exact match for the 614, 604, 619 etc Durants, even the holes line up!

The head light and tail light "thimbles" from a Model T Ford are the same as used on some of our cars.

Just some insite that may help

See you in Auburn !.....
Frank ---

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