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Ammeter Reading

I got my 25 Star out of storage today and drove it home. On idle, the ammeter reads 10 amps charging but it drops to zero at higher revs (e.g. when I'm cruising at 35). Is this normal?

P.S. I live in the SF Bay area. To get the car home I have to cross the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. It's a two-lane roller coaster of a bridge several miles long. It's always a thrill to take an 82 year old car that's been stored for 6 months and hop on that bridge! Especially in Friday afternoon traffic. Besides worrying about it breaking down, I back traffic up quite a bit. However, most drivers smile and wave when they pass.

Re: Ammeter Reading

Ammeters show a slight plus charge when you have just started or used the headlites, etc. As the battery restores it's charge as you drive, the needle returns to zero or center....If you had a voltmeter, you would always have a voltage level showing ...but ammeters do not show the systems condition, only when you are discharging or charging..soooo, your system is functioning as it should...Anybody have any additional insight????

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Re: Ammeter Reading

I had the understanding that the ampmeter should show 10- 12 at start up then 2-3 amps when under way.
With the headlights on the amp should be at zero.
Right now my ampmeter shows 3-5 dicharge with the headlights on. I suspect the old wiring or a bad connection is creating high resistance.
Keith N


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