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generator again

Well the joke is on me because I did not proof read what I wrote. I had ask a question about the wining on the generator. I have a 1923 A22 durant touring car. I had to put all new wiring in the car. I went by the wiring diagram. ^The diagram showes an old coil and so one wire goes from the outside trimal to the switch but the wire from the inside trimal goes to the coil, when you use a newer 6-volt coil you can not do that so would I be right if I ran that wire to a ground trimal. Thank you

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Re: generator again

Any coil you use will have to have a circuit from the ignition switch to the coil and thence from the coil to the distributer.
At looking at the wiring diagram for your car, there is a wire coming from the ignition switch to the ballast resistor on the original coil. The circuit then goes thru the ballast resistor, thru the primary winding and then to the coil. There should be a separate low voltage connection on the coil for the wire going to the distributer.
On a "modern" 6 volt coil, I "Think" the + connection goes to the ign switch and the - goes to the distributer. I always have to check the books on that one.


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Re: generator again


In addition to what Don has mentioned, there was a condensor mounted inside the old original "mail box" type coil, you will need to install a condensor when converting to a modern 6 volt coil...Bill


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