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In addition to my Star, I've got a 50 Mercury for which I had a frame-off restoration done. Unfortunately, the paint on the block has peeled and rust has formed. I'd like to clean it up and paint it. I've been thinking of buying a sand blaster to do this. Has anyone done this before? What's the best way to clean the block? If sandblasting, what's a good unit that won't break the bank?

Re: Sandblasting

I would just wire brush it or have it dipped as the sand or material you use to clean it can and will get into the block even a block that is just a bare block can get sand in the jornals and water jackets and even if you flush the motor they can remain and come loose later and kill you engine.

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Re: Sandblasting

Well, I guess that I have a different take on sandblasting an engine then most, first of all our engines and gear boxes were cast in sand when they were manufactured, then our car's were driven over sand after they were assembled, and then if you lived in the dessart southwest your car was burried in sand when the wind blew...If you decide to sandblast pick up some strip calking at your paint store, wrap this around your seal areas and then avoid heavy blasting there, stuff rags tight in vents and outlets including manifold ports, then duct tape over those areas... Sandblasters use a conciderable amount of air so don't buy a blaster that your compressor can't handle...The pressure pot type blasters use less than the gravity and I believe are more efficient, just for small to medium jobs those 60 gallon Harbor Freight sandblasters work pretty good and only cost about 70 or 80 bucks, also I use a #70 sand. Bill

Re: Sandblasting

I've painted two engines in my restoration life, and both I did not sandblast. Both were cleaned very well and de-greased using Gunk of some other commecial product and then painted. I used a good quality engine paint, and never had any problems with it coming off.

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Re: Sandblasting

First, NEVER sand blast anything that isn't completely dissembled. I've sandblasted many engine blocks in my time and have always been able to clean them perfectly before reassembly.
If you are not going to take the engine apart, clean it throughly with degreaser, wire brush, rotary brush, and rags. Take your time and get behind every crack and crevis. Nothing looks worse than nice paint over crud and rust.

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