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What have I gotten myself into!?

A friend of mine was cleaning out an old barn this week for an elderly gentleman when he discovered what he thought were parts of an old car. He first noticed 4 wooden wheels complete with old Goodyear tires. Next he came across what appeared to be a windshield with a manual wiper arm and blade still intack. Soon afterward he noticed what looked like a "T" bucket along with 2 doors that he was sure fit on there somehow. He dug a little deeper and found a radiator with a star on it. At that point he stopped and said to himself... "I've got to call Parker, he'll know what this is." As an avid car collector, I like to pride myself on knowing a little something about cars, however I had to confess to him that I really couldn't shed any light on what the star stood for. I explained to him that the oldest car in my collection was a 1949 Ford. He invited me over anyway and before you knew it, we had almost everything layed out on the barn floor. It even almost looked like a car! We started with the frame (rock solid), then we put on the passenger compartment (2 door model), we then placed the 2 fenders up front (this was after we had them on the back by accident) then went the things that go on the back (more fenders I think). We found the trunk lid and placed it on the back and then underneath what resembles a seat we found the 2 doors and layed them in. The hatches still worked! While looking for the motor we found the hood or what was left of it. The good news was the motor looked brand new. Just when I was feeling like a kid in a candy store an old man tapped me on the shoulder and said... ahem, may I help you? I explained how my friend invited me over to see what he thought was an old Model T. Have you ever been called an idiot without the other person ever saying a word? Well after the look he gave me that's exactly how I felt! He turned out to be a kind old man though. He took the time to educate me on the Durant Star and even found joy in the fact that we were able to partially assemble his once proud Star. You see it has always been a dream of his to restore it to its former glory. You could see the twinkle in his eye as he carefully changed a few things around to better represent what the car once looked like. After talking for a while and looking at the old paperwork he had (i even found the title from 1958!) we sat down at his kitchen table and before you knew it I owned what I believe is a 1923 Roadster! The reason I don't know the exact year is because there was a second title that says "25" under the column that reads year. It is dated 1971. Both are Michigan titles but they appear to be for the same car. Part of my deal with the previous owner is that if and when the car ever gets put together, he gets a ride in it. In the meantime he gets to take some of my classics out occasionally. (I drove up in my 1956 red & white Pontiac Starchief convertible that his wife fell in love with.) I told him he didn't have to sell me his Star to use my cars but he insisted. Anyway, I guess the reason I'm writing is for help. I'm not a Star Car kinda guy and the only friend I know who can help is getting cold feet. I know I'm in over my head. In an effort to keep my word, I am asking for anyone with knowledge and ambition to contact me. I'm open to any ideas. Thank you for listening. Parker

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Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

guess what....april is the annual meeting of the eastern durant star club chapter....and its in CLEVELAND OHIO...AMAZING LUCK FOR YOU.. if you can sign up to join us we will have many items from stars and literature and help from many members for you...see the durant events link on the left....gary k

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Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

Hi Parker,
"You lucky devil you". Love to hear it when someone finds a Durant product. You have just found the greatest car club around. Have been in the hobby over 50 years and have never found a more enthusiastic group of old car guys(and dolls). Will be glad to send you a copy of our magazine if you email me your address.
Your Durant Partner......

Yates Milton
Founder, DMAC

Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

Welcome to the infliction/virus called Durantism. Once it gets you, you will be known as a Durantonian, and will spend countless hours trying to figure out what this or that part was, how you restore this part, and where you would ever get another. You will spend hours discussing the benefits of a Continental engine, and the fine cars that Billy Durant made, and oh yeah, you will have to answer countless questions like "what the !@#$$ is that"? and "isn't that a model T" and of course like all inflictions or sicknesses you will have to spend some money to get better.
Now the good side, you will lower your stress level and blood pressure on the whole while working on the ole gal, although there will be times when it will spike uncontrollably when you bust your knuckle or break this part or that. You will have the satisfaction that you have restored her to her former glory and will have something that not many outside the club have, yet let alone ever seen. You will bring countless smiles to old timers, and young children when you finally get her running and pass by and the most important when you join the DMAC you will meet the nicest group of helpful people on this planet.
So just immediately take my diagnosis, and get immediate treatment by joining the DMAC. Just the magazine alone will help you restore her and give you valuable tips on restoring her. And of course this forum will answer any questions you have. Go to the Durant Events link to your left and make immediate arrangements to go to the Cleveland Meet in April, like Gary said. A meeting like this is good for you to be among others inflicted with Durantism. Good Luck!

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Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

I am not a poet so wont try to beat what the others have told you --But be sure they are right --this is the best club ever --no one beats us - Join up and have a great time --if atall possible go to the meeting coming up- wish I could but it is just too far away for me this year Restore the little car to her former beauty and enjoy her
Best of luck

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Thanks guys for all the input and encouraging words. I hope to join in and meet all of you soon. My friend Jerry has decided to take over this project (some things are just meant to be) so I plan to sit on the sideline and learn a thing or two. Thanks again for all of your enciouraging words. Parker

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Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

Hi Parker....

Like the others have said, come out and join us at Cleveland, you are so close it would be a shame to miss the meet. You don't have to be a member, come and check us out! Lots of folks to meet and we have been known to talk into the wee hours. Even meet Gary K. who got this whole thing started back in the 60's.

You will also get a chance to see some great cars, and even get a ride in a Durant or Star. Once you do you will be hooked, on these cars and people

We will have people from all over the East Coast and some from Canada at this meet. We always have a great time.

Will also be doing some planning for the National Meet at Auburn this fall.

Hope to see you there.....Frank ---

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Re: What have I gotten myself into!?

Congratulations on the find. Take a look at the photograph section to see what the final product will look like. There is a difference between the two years with the most obvious one being the radiator. The engine number will also tell you what you have. Take plenty of pictures as you go because you can never go back.

Have fun.


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