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Cobra roofing in western Canada?

Do any of you canadian members know of a source for roofing for our cars? I am sure we have a ford dealer in Edmonton but cant find his addy or any info on him in my phone book. Would be nice if there is one in Calgary -Edmonton -or Vancouver. Save a lot of shipping expense.
Thanks guys

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930deluxe rumble seat coupe model 614

Re: Cobra roofing in western Canada?

Ken, I gave you a number of roofing places in Canada, in your last forum mention of roofing.

Hit this by accident looking for George Moir in Alberta http://www.mafca.com/suppliers.html. Look under M for Moir. I bought 09 T fenders off George back in the 60's and he's still in business. They used to come out the flea markets back then in Ont with a truck load of T / A parts. Haven't been to events since the 70's but plan to do so now I have the 32.

George Moir Antique Auto
George Moir
#1 Boulder Blvd
Stony Plain, Alberta
Phone: 780-963-7334
Fax: 780-963-6187

I get 14 hits in search for "george moir antique auto"

Hope this helps. No use getting in customs headaches etc and shipping costs. Had enough of that after calling customs and why costs over a small jar from Eng. Anything shown over $20 is hit with both sales taxes and broker fees, if its out of country to Canada or even province to province. Was quite a stir about that in the local paper a few months back. Can see where we got the Royal part of Royal mail . Talked with a chap in Maine I got a 614 manual off of and he was a US customs inspector at one time so knew about it. Seems anything under a pound in weight like papers / books all the seller has to do is say printed matter, no value and it sails into Canada no problem.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan J5222

Re: Cobra roofing in western Canada?

Just as a bit of info- I found a source for the cobra right here The long and the short grain . Tried an Upholstry shop and they have it. saves the shipping costs and its about $ 75.00 for enough to do my roof --seems pretty good to me . That is just the cobra long grain. padding would be extra. I dont know why I never thought of them before but roofing doesnt really sound like upholstry to me --.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 delauxe rumble seat coupe model 614

Re: Cobra roofing in western Canada?

I think that's what we have on the other side of Ottawa. An upholstery place that has everything for roofs and uphostery. Long way from that and blankets will do over whats left of the existing water soaked upholstery.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan J5222


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