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New brake material?

Because our 1923 Durant only has rear brakes, I am considering having the brake material that is used on today's Auto's installed in place of the original material. I am looking for better stopping and holding power. There fore a greater Safety factor. I have always tryed to keep our car as original as possible but also want to be able to stop better with out or at least less brake fade. (Any suggestions and or comments?)

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Durant 4 Door Sean

Re: New brake material?

I used the woven aspestas lining on the brake shoes of my '29 model 60 and it works great.

Do You own a car built by Durant? Unfornatley

Re: New brake material?

You don't have to use asbestos. A quick look comes up with this source:
You can probably buy the stuff from Vintage Ford dealers.

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Re: New brake material?

Try a local company that relines farm tractors or trucks as they have transmission brakes and the material is more flexible.
Have a nice day, Jan

Re: New brake material?


McMaster-Carr handle both non-metalic molded and semi-metallic woven strip brake lining also rivets. I have bought lining from them but haven't gotten around to installing it yet so can't make a recomendation, they do list the efficincy of the material if you can understand how that works...I have always thought that a hard brake lining wears better but doesn't stop as well and a soft lining stops better but doesn't wear as well, however the semi-metallic will disipate the heat better...Anyway, Bill

Re: New brake material?

Thanks Guys for all your input.
I gave the info to the person who is going to replace my brake material. He is checking out the info to see what is available and what is going to be best based on all you info. I haven't heard back from him as of yet as to what metarial he has found.

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