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Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

Australian and New Zealand Chapter: I think it is time we down-under formed our own local chapter of this great club. I see such as a local resource to enable quality restorations by utilising members contributions, written and practical. Also the flushing out of Durant vehicles and new members who may contribute local history on Dealerships, their vehicles, Photos including historic ones of vehicles when new or having being involved in an accident or parade, etc. I intend to contact all that are included in the current roster and would like to find out if there is interest in this project. Hopefuly costs should not be much more than emails or postage over and above the fees paid to the US based club. Responses may be emailed to me or entered against this message. donoghoe38@bigpond.com.au
Thanks; Phil Donoghoe

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

Go Phil Go! It would be great for you to have a Chapter down there. There is quite a few members in Australia and New Zealand, and although it's quite an enormous area to cover, it would be great for you to do exactly what you said and preserve the history of Durant cars and Rugby down there. Let us know if the East Coast Chapter can help out.

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

There used to be a chapter in New Zealand. I believe Phil Pickard was involved. Do you have a list of the members from the old Durant Family Registry. If you do not, I can make up a list and email them to you. It will be old, but it could be a start. Back in 1981, at the first Durant meet in Dearborn, Michigan we had two members attend from Australia and two from New Zealand.

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

Hi Phil. May I encourage you and anyone else “down under” to work on a new DMAC chapter down there. We have gotten fairly big and a whole lot more organized and active and you all could have a lot of fun getting together and helping each other out down there. I have always been in favor of chapters believing they promote good friendship and actually keep members belonging to our old car club and helping each other out more. Unfortunately 98 % of our members never attend a national meet so chapters are very useful and fun. So good luck on the formation of your new chapter.
Lance Haynes San Diego

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

At least there will be two of us Canberra so I better start finding time to recommence the restoration of the D65 which I have not worked on for some ten odd years.Phil for your information I joined the club last yearas a Life Member.
Cheers and I am sure we will be in touch

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

as soon as i can get it out i will send a list of members from the original club...maybe you can track down their cars or children who may have them now....gary k....old DURANT STAR OWNERS CLUB

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Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

Hi Phil,
Does my heart good to see you undertake this very worthwhile project. My idea when we started the DMAC was to havc Chapters for greater union within our group of members. Feel that the Chapters that have already formed have strengthened our organization. Wishing you much success.

Founder, DMAC

Re: Australian and New Zealand Chapter.

Brilliant idea Phil, sorry I did not suggest it first, rely on my assistance for the NZ section. Have been in Brisbane Australia for past month and only checked Club website at home today. Have one Rugby owner in Taupo and will try to sign him up ASAP. Will get in touch with you on e mail and I have just asked Rick for a Membership list of NZ Members for me to get in touch with. This is a just the shot in the arm we need for Durantatiers down under. Regards Graham

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