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Removal of Steering Wheel?

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can remove the wheel on my 1926 Flint Junior Z-18 so I can send it away for restoration? My mechanic is stumped.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Flint depot hack

Re: Removal of Steering Wheel?

Hi Tom....good to hear from you! Removing the steering wheel from your Flint involves a little more than removing the nut from the steering wheel end! Most cars of this era have a spark and throttle control rod assembly with a horn button extending thru the center of the column and out the bottom of the steering box, your car is no exception. First, You must disconnect the horn wire and remove all of the linkage attached to the bottom end of these rods. Next, loosen the set screw that holds the horn button into the bell and remove the button and wiring. The upper bell needs removed( I'll have to look to see how it'a attached ) Then, you can pull the rod assembly out from the top.... IF you have enough head room! If not, remove the column clamp from the dash and loosen the box from the frame. This should allow the column to drop down.... hope your seat isn't in the way? Once this center is removed, you only need to remove the column nut and wheel. It is also on a keyway. I'll e-mail some pictures, hope they'll be of some help. Just remember.... these cars are a labor of love!!

Re: Removal of Steering Wheel?

Hello again Tom..... I managed to get out and take a "refresher Look" at my Flint dissassembled steering column and it tells a better tale. After futher review....I believe the entire center assembly can be removed as a unit once everything is dissassembled at the bottom of the steering box. This would eliminate the need to mess with the set screw and chance damaging the horn button. The upper horn bell has studs and nuts that should hold the assembly together. I've never worked on a Durant or Star column, but I would think they are of the same basic design and could also be removed as a unit ... anybody know?


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